Wednesday, April 30, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge Week #9

Here we are again on another Wednesday and another challenge has arrived. I am really enjoying these challenges. It makes you think about things in different ways and I got to say, I am also learning from others in how to maybe do things different and more organized.

Organize your patterns this week. Do you have a special system for your patterns? Can you find a specific pattern easily?

Personally I store my patterns in 4 different ways. One of them is ravelry, which I just recently started, because for some reason I missed that you can do that. The next would be my computer. I have a seperate folder in which I keep all patterns, listed by their name.

#3 would be the Magazine holders,
in which I keep crochet magazines
and also patterns that I have printed out.

#4 I have a cabinet, that is just for 
crochet books and other crochet related items.
I do have more crochet books, but they are on my 
bookshelf in the living room. Been thinking of moving them 
here as well, so I have everything in one place.

I guess you could say, this is one area I am really organized.

On another note I would like to say here, that my prayers go out to all who have been effected by the nasty tornadoes and storms over the last few days. Sadly it is just the beginning of Tornado season, but hopefully they will not be to bad this year. Everybody in the effected areas, please stay safe and please listen when they tell you to take cover. I have seen one Tornado up close and it wasn't pretty.

Otherwise, till next time from my neck of the woods.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Garden Update

I know I mentioned this before, but I LOVE LOVE Spring,
when everything starts to bud and bloom. It seems every day
there is something new to discover and see.
Hope you don't mind my sharing some more garden pictures with you.

The first Roses are blooming

Love the Dogwoods

 And what about these beautiful Azaleas

Thought you might like this Scarecrow
my friends built in their yard.
He would scare me away.....

Thanks for letting me share with you.
Have a lovely day!
Till next time from my neck of the woods......

Monday, April 28, 2014

Link-Yourself Monday #25 & Mandela #8

Hello my lovely Friends! Once again Monday decided to come around and with it Link-Yourself day. So come and join us and show of the lovely things you have made of late. Everybody is welcome. Please be so kind and let your bloggy friends know about this, so they can join us as well. The more the better.

Here are this weeks most viewed Link-ups:

Here now is my Mandela #8,
which was made up from the pattern from
Natas Nest (see link above).
She writes her blog in German and English,
which is very helpful.

It was a real joy to make
and I want to thank Nata for the pattern

I made this one once again in spring colors,
as I love them so much.
The yarn is "I Love This Yarn".

Erika's Crafts Corner Monday Link-Yourself Guidelines:

1. Add links for up to three of your blogposts using the Link-Yourself button below.

2. Please leave a comment on the blogs of the other participants. We all Love comments and know that         others appreciate what we make. Also please tell others you are linking up.

3. Please share this post through Google+, Pinterest or Facebook. That creates more exposure for everybody joining our link-up.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mandela #6

Good Morning my lovely fellow bloggers. Hoping your weekend will be filled with lots of fun things!

Yes, I made another Mandela. Just can't quite stop yet. So addicting.

I found the pattern here: Lizzie Bella Blog

It's not as big as some of the other Mandela's

She made a few in different color combinations.
Go and check them out.
"Happy Hooking"

Friday, April 25, 2014

Blog Love Friday #6

It's Blog Love Friday and with that I am here to share 3 more blogs I love with you all. You might know of them already, but if you don't, this is a good way to get to know other wonderful Crafter's and the beautiful things they make. Enjoy! And do please leave them a nice comment, so they know you have visited.

1. My World of Crochet

This blog is in German, but she makes very pretty things and I think it is certainly worth a looksy.

Till next time......

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hawaii'en Flowers

 The other day I was at my girlfriends house and it was her Birthday. Her husband surprised her with a bouquet of flowers shipped in from Hawaii. Is that not special? She is one lucky gal. There were so many flowers, we actually had to put them in 2 different vases. They were huge. I found these flowers so beautiful, colorful and so different to what we see around here. The texture is different as well. I hope you don't mind my sharing them with you and I won't bore you to much.

Till next time from my neck of the woods......

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge Week 7 & Week 8

Week 7: Now that your yarn is nicely organized, make a scrappy yarn project.

Week 8: This week your challenge is to go through any unfinished projects you've had sitting around and either work it or frog it. If you don't have any unfinished projects (really?), then show us what you are working on.

Since I missed out on last weeks challenge due to my not having any internet, I thought I would combine these two weeks into one. I also thought these challenges kinda, sorta fit together anyway.

I had three colors of yarn rolled up in little scrappy balls,
 left over from other projects: white, light pink and dark pink.
So I decided to turn them into a Baby Afghan made from a giant Granny.
I had started it weeks ago, but never finished it.
So here now it is finally done, lol.

Since I don't have any babies around me currently, Pooh Bear had to
model instead.

Here Pooh Bear said he was to tired and just couldn't sit up any longer.

Pooh Bear giving you all the biggest smile he could muster.

As a finish I added a ruffle all the way around,
at which point I actually ran out of scrappy yarn.

Now to find a "Happy Baby" to give it to.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Craft Project

Once a month the ladies of my church get together to do something crafty. Last week was no exception. This time we made something for the outdoors, something colorful and fun. I thought I would share it with you.

What can you make with a straw hat and a few little 
clay flowerpots?

Well, have you guessed yet?
Work in progress.....

Those really bright colors were mine.

The next one belong to one of the other ladies.
You can tell how different our tastes are.

And now the finished project.
Sorry the picture is not the best, as the light was pretty lousy,
but you get the idea.

They all came out so cute. 
Every one of them different.
They will make great additions to our front porches,
don't you think.

Well fun was had by all.
Next month we are going to make some 
Will share that with you when the time comes.

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