Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something New

Today seems to be the day when I run into one issue after another. When I came home from work this morning and after I crabbed a cup of Java, I sat down in front of my lap top and was fixing to do a little browsing on Facebook and Pinterest. But guess what, nothing happened. My Internet wasn't working. Couldn't figure out why it just wouldn't come on, since the little green light on my router was blinking just fine and saying it was working. So I kept on checking the settings, etc. Still, nothing. Well come to find out, apparently my Kittie cat walked over my keyboard and turned of the Internet connection button. It took me forever to figure that out, but glad I finally did. And than some other little issues kept coming up, but hopefully they are all resolved for now. Hope it stays that way.

Over the last couple of weeks I treated myself to some new books. Even so you can find so many patterns or ideas on Pinterest these days, I still like to look at a book, check out techniques and have the reference handy when needed.

For some reason two of the pictures I took won't let me turn them so I could display them here better, but I think you can still see what they are:

I bought this book because I am planning 
on doing a little sewing in the near future.
Stayed tuned for that.

Are these dolls not just to cute?

Love this book on Borders.
It is one of my weaknesses and 
will help me immensely.

Love all the different techniques 
in this one.

Broomsticks Lace
Something I haven't tried yet either.
How about yourself?

See you all later!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Question and Square # 4

Another Tuesday has come around and here we are again with our Tuesday Question:

Today I am wondering about how everybody stores their crafts, yarn and other materials? Are you organized or do you keep your stuff in many different places. I am also curious if you have a dedicated area in which you craft, like a favorite chair, etc.?

I am currently redoing my own crafts room. I purchased some more clear storage containers on rollers. They can also be stacked for convenience. Also I bought myself a folding table on which to set my sewing machine and when not needed can be easily stored in the closet.

As for a comfy place to sit, I have a nice recliner in which I love to sit, when time permits (which sadly isn't often).

Square #4 is done also. As the last time I found that the yarn was to thick again. I guess I have to be more thoughful as what yarn to use, before I get started. But it is a good lesson learned.

Sorry the next picture is a little fuzzy

Weather wise it is a bit warm for this time of the year, around 70F, with storms predicted for the afternoon and coming night. We do need the rain, but I hope it won't get to bad.

Hi ho, hi ho, so off to work I go!  So I will see you lovely ladies sometime soon. You all have a good day now!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Link Yourself Monday and the letter "D"

Good Morning my lovely Ladies!. Hope this finds you all well and ready for a new week.

Feeling a little bit better today myself and am planning out my upcoming week. Looks like it is going to be another really busy one. Well, I guess I can't complain about boredom. I must admit I am glad that we are having a bit of a warm-up in our neck of the woods, even if it might just be a few days.

So, today is Link Yourself Monday and I hope many of you will participate. There are so many gorgeous blogs out there and it always helps when we can find them. So go ahead, add your name to the list.

Now to the letter "D". When I thought about this letter, I saw doilies floating in front of my eyes. Do you all remember a time when we saw them in just about every house? Now you very seldom see them anymore. I must admit, I did always kind of like them. I think they can add an extra touch when needed. And these days they don't just have to be white anymore. There are so many lovely colors available. Maybe someday they will be making a comeback. You never know. Here are a few I found on Pinterest (yes, once again that popular site). I didn't see any directions for them or who made them, but they are very pretty and worth looking at.

Are they not colorful?

You all have a nice Monday now
and I will see you all soon.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Friends!

Feeling a bit under the weather this morning and will be staying in today, under my warm Blankie, maybe watching a movie and taking a nap and just plain resting up for the coming full week. What's on your agenda today?

Since I don't have anything new and crafty to share from myself today, I thought I would share some Blogs that I really like and think that maybe you would like to check them out for yourself.

The first one is one my friend Penny started recently. She talks about Homesteading and her wonderful crafts. It is certainly worth taking a peak:

Looking for some great Heart Crochet. You will love the ones you find on this Blog, with instructions:

Maybe you are interested in some beautiful flower crochet and squares. You can find some real pretty ones right here:

Here is one more I enjoy reading and getting inspiration from:

Please share some Blog Love and visit their Blogs.

Until soon my Friends, enjoy your Sundays!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Something Purple

Good afternoon my Lovelies!

Look what jumped off my needle today. It's kind of purple. No it is not Barney, the purple dinosaur, whom I must say, I was never a big fan of. But this is for a special girl, that just absolutely loves the color Purple. 

She loved mine so much, so that I sat down and made her one as well. An I-Pad case.....

I made this one a little different from my own

and than I added a flower

and a little Heart button

Well, what do you all think?
Did it come out alright?

And now on to my next project....
It will be made out of the bellow colors.
What do you think it will be?
Any guesses?

Now I would love to wish you all a 
good weekend!
Relax, enjoy and smell the flowers!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

This weeks Square and my Critters

The last few days have been busy and I got behind on my projects. So my Square of the week is a couple of days late. But better later than never, right?

I found the pattern for this one here :

It was easy to crochet and worked up pretty fast. Just a little bit of counting involved.

Yesterday I took my critters to the Beauty shop, including my Himalayan cat. I always love it when they come back home. They just smell so wonderful and they seem to feel so much better. I probably would too if I had such long hair. I have been trying to get a picture of the cat, but she isn't cooperating in the least. They made her look like a little lion. To Cute!! Well maybe some other time. Here now a couple of pictures of the rest of them.

Isn't she a cutie pie?

Hope your day is wonderful!
Until next time

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Question and an Update

Good Morning Dear Friends!

It's still pretty chilly in my neck of the woods. Apparently we will have to live with that a while longer. Oh well.

Here now to the Tuesday Question:

How do you all find your pattern instructions? On Craftsy, Pinterest, Ravelry or maybe a craft web site? Which ones do you find easiest to use? Or do you buy magazines and books? Or do you maybe trade patterns with other crafters?

Personally I love Ravelry for many of the patterns I like, but I also use Pinterest a lot now, but find that I can't always find the pattern for something I pinned. I also do have a large book and magazine collection. I know they take up quite a bit of room, but I just love to look through them from time to time and just drink in the beautiful colors and designs.

My little update:

For a while now (maybe long while), I have been working on these granny squares for a blanket. Here are the ones I made in the evenings lately. I think I might just have enough of the now to finally finish this blanket.

Funny how the one in the middle looks brown
on the picture, because it is really 
dark grey

And here I am finally starting to put all the
little squares together.
Don't I look comfy?

And a little last note for today......

Don't you think that is how it works?

You all have a nice day!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Link-Yourself Monday and the letter "C"

Good Morning! Another Monday has rolled around. Are you ready for the new week?

Personally I am. I usually work on weekends, so it doesn't feel like the Monday most people experience, when it's time to get back to normal after a long weekend. So off we go, fresh cup of coffee in hand.

We have had such beautiful sunshiny days over the weekend, which made me think of the coming spring. And yes I am so ready for it.

And these flowers pretty? Let them start blooming!

And now to the letter "C". Can think of a few crafty things with this letter. With that I chose "Crocheted Carpets". I can't take the credit for making them. I found them on our much loved site Pinterest. Have you ever made one of them?

Really love this red, white and black one. Would fit so nicely in my house.

Are they not very pretty?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little Tah-Da

Yesterday it looked like I would have a busy day ahead, but as it sometimes goes with the best laid plans, nothing got done on that list. But I am not really complaining, because it turned out to be a fun and full filling day in another way. Yayyy! Got to do some things that have been on the back burner for a while.

But here is why all plans were cancelled:

View from my window

And a little view down the road

The news reported nothing of upcoming snowfall, so you can see my surprise when I looked out of the window and saw that. Well smartypants me thought I would still run down the street quickly to pay a bill and almost had a visitation with a mailbox. I think the mailbox would have won.

I was also supposed to go to work to take care of my three patients, but instead I got snowed and Iced in and got to spend a rare day and night at home. I must say, I so enjoyed it. Got to play with my dogs and cats, who in return gave me lots of loving. I also got to work on some projects that had been in my crafty to-do bin for some time. I couple of them I will share with you at a later time, but one is now to come.

Here is my little Tah-Da. I had recently gotten an I-Pad and have been wanting a cover. So here I went ahead and made my own. Hope you like it.

How do you like those little Heart Buttons?

For today I wish you all Farewell!
Have a lovely Day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Question and a new Square

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Today's Question is

Ponchos, weather crochet or knitted, are still totally IN. Have you all made one yet or do you have plans on making one in the future? Do you think they are practical or not really your thing?

I made one a long time ago. Wish I still had a picture of it. Currently I am thinking about making another one, but I am wondering how long they will still be in style.

Today's Square I found here . I made it in 2 colors on purpose. Where the yellow ends, you could consider it a finished square, but you could continue and make the last 2 rounds, which I crocheted in orange. I made it with regular 4-ply yarn, but it gets to big that way. So I would say it needs to be crocheted with 2-ply yarn to give it a better look.

Here now the finished product:

It looks so red on the picture, but it really was orange, lol

Now hoping you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Link-Yourself Monday & the letter "B"

Wow, it's Monday again. How fast this last week has passed. And what a Monday it is, brrrr cold. On Friday we had 65 F, than we had non-stop rain for a couple of days and now the temps have dropped into the 30th. Yuck. Time to bundle back up.

Which brings me to today's letter, which is "B". "B" can stand for many things and I am curious to see which craft you will pick for it. So go ahead and link yourself at the bottom with a craft you have made that starts with that letter.

"B" stands for Blanket, but NO it is not an afghan for me this time, but some people call it a blanket and some people would call it a "Quillo" - Blanket that can turn into a pillow. I love them. They are both practical and versatile, and are also very warm. Want to see what I am talking about? Well here we go:

Here it starts as a pillow......

One more view from a different direction......

Here it is spread out.....

Here you can see the pocket in which you hide the rest of the blanket........

A closer view

What do you think? Isn't it a neat idea?
I think so personally!
And they are soooooo warm.
Just right for today.....

Ready to go snuggle in?

P.S. Thought I would add this little story from the view of one blogger on why we blog. Very interesting if you ask me. Please take a looksy

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