Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Dream

Good Morning everybody!

Last night I had a dream about my grandmother and it was so vivid, so that I can remember many little details. My Grandma was the BEST. And ohhh how I miss her. She is the one who had the grace and patients to teach a child how to knit, crochet and sew. My grandma was a seamstress and during World War II she fixed the uniforms of soldiers and afterwards she made beautiful clothe for people and also her family. As a child I never wore anything that she didn't make herself. My most memorable dress she made, would be my Confirmation dress. I am not sure why, but that one sticks out the most. I remember feeling so grown-up in that dress. Well in my dream I was knitting a sweater and she kept on making me open it back up and telling me that I needed to do better and more consistent with my stitches. Now, I haven't knitted a sweater in ages and it surely makes me wonder about what this dream could possibly mean. Is she trying to tell me, that it is about time that I try my hand at it again? I believe that dreams are symbols of the supcontious mind and that they try to tell us things, but figuring out what they mean is not always easy. What is your opinion on that? 

Today is going to be Inventory day at my online store. Can't hardly wait, umph umph! But it is ohh so necessary. Next week I will have bunch of new yarn available and before that I need to get organized. How fun! I am looking forward to trying out some new yarn again and it seems it is also helping me get back to the hook and Needles.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to look at flooring. We saw many nice things and now have to make a choice. I know I do not want carpet in my house again. For one it is hard to keep clean with shedding dogs, second I seem to not have the allergy problems like I used to when I had a house full of carpet. Thank goodness there are now so many more options. I think I love the hardwood look the most. Will let you know what I decide on. Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the paint store. I am really looking forward to that. Just love to look at all the beautiful colors available. All in all things are slowly coming together and moving forward. We are also really getting settled in. I have to say: There is no place like HOME.

Thought I would also share something with you all:


Now aren't they great? Have you ever made anything like that? Or would you be interested in making something like that in the future? I have some nice patterns available and could share them with you, if interested. Let me know, okay?

Now I say toodles and puffff, I'm gone for today. Make it a good one!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Question and Sunshine Award

Well Hallo my friends on this cold, but wonderfully sunny Tuesday.

Isn't life exciting? That's how I have been feeling of late. Everything is full of possibility and adventure. Even at my age you can still stir up that kind of excitement and isn't it just wonderful? It really does make a difference when we get up in the morning with a positive attitude. It makes the day go smoothly and we can accomplish much more. I always have had the attitude, that if you walk around with a smile on your face, people are more likely to respond with a smile back. Cheerfulness rubs off. What do you think?

Yesterday I got a big surprise and I could hardly believe my eyes.....yeah! Do you want to know what it was? You say yes? Should I tease you a while or tell you? Well okay than.....It might not be a big thing for everybody, but for a newcomer like me to the blogging world, it was major exciting. Cat from Learning & Loving Crochet gave me a Sunshine Award. Isn't that Special? I really think so. She told me I was full of sunshine and delight, even under the hardest of times. Wow.....who would have thought. Here is my little award:


I just love it and am so Happy that someone thought me worthy. Thank you very much CAT.

She also passed this award on to 11 other people. In return I was ask to pass it on to 12 cheerful people that I think deserving. How cool is that? Personally I think there are many, many fantastic crafter's out there, who deserve recognition for their fantastic work.

So, below you will find the guidelines and names of lots of neat and wonderful people, and what they need to do when they (hopefully) accept this award.  This is sort of like a way to get people to check us out, I think!

The Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positive and creativity inspires others in the blog world. The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award to 12 bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award. it goes:
  1. Lucy @ Attic24 . Lucy has been one of the most inspiring people to me. Her plain cheerfulness change a cloudy day into sunshine.
  2. Cat @ Learning & Loving Crochet . You need to check out her beautiful afghans. She is a very talented and cheerful person. She deserves more than a quick looksy at her blog.
  3. Christina @ Crafty Christina . She has a wonderful way about sharing her daily ups and downs with us. To top that of, I think she is wonderfully talented.
  4. Doris @ Crocheting in Georgia . She is german like me and has a possitive attitude. Her creations are often different to what you see on other blogs and I very much enjoy that side of it.
  5. Vanessa @ Do you mind if I knit . Vanessa is another one of those cheerful and upbeat people that I just love to follow on a daily basis. Was oh so happy when I found her in my early searches for blogs I would enjoy and read most often.
  6. Pammy Sue @ Scottys Place . She is real and down to earth and her daily tails about life and crocheting are fun to follow.
  7. Debra @ Hooks, Yarns and Family . I just saw that she has already received this award from somebody else, but I believe she is worth a second one.
  8. Janie @ Janie Crow . You should really go check out her wonderful ideas as they are very inspiring.
  9. Dillpickle @ dillpickle unfinished . She enjoys many different crafts and is very talented.
  10. Fairyglade @ The Snowy Fairyglade . Come and check out her wonderfully crafty and cheerful blog she shares of her daily life.
  11. Tania @ tanskiknits . One of the many english blogs I love to read and follow. Tania like me has experienced her bad times, yet always tries to stay cheerfull and upbeat.
  12. Elaine @ La Belle Helene . Last, but most certainly not least Ms. Elaine. You should check out this cheerful and positive blogger. She has left many a lovely comment on my blog and has inspired me to continue writing my own blog. Thank you Elaine!
Oh wow, it took me a while to put this list together. Sometimes it amazes me how fast time passes. Before you know it, it is evening and the day gone. So far I haven't even left a comment on all these peoples blogs and sorry to say has to wait til the morning, when I have a little more time. In the meantime, go check out all these lovely blogs and leave them a cheerful comment yourself to make their day.

Here now to the Tuesday Question:

As I was reading a news article the other day, I came across one that talked about Graffitti Art (pieces that are knitted or crocheted and hung on trees or other monuments for everyone to see) made by knitters and crocheters. I have heard of that in the past, but had not looked into it further at the time. From what I understand it is becoming a bigger movement in the Europian Countries.

Would you participate in such an event or even do something like that on your own? Would you have the guts? Or do you find that this littering and unfitting a crafter? If you have already participated in something like that, tell us about it and how it came about and what people thought.

Well Folk, that is it for today from my Neck of the Woods. I have now run out of steam, lol. Hope to chat with you all some more tomorrow and will also make the rounds of all your lovely blogs to leave comments and hopefully cheer you up. Till than....TahTah

    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    Sunday Ramblings

    And a "Happy" Sunday to you all! Hoping you have a wonderful weekend so far.

    It has been a very busy last 5 days for me. Going through my things, trying to find what I am
    The first two days after arriving here, back in Mississippi, all I wanted to do is sleep and sleep some more. I guess I didn't realize how much I had exhausted myself the two weeks before I came here. So far I spent lots of time with my friends catching up on the last couple of years. Also had 2 job interviews. One with a German Restaurant here, the other with a brand new Joann's  that just opened up. I love the idea of going to work for Joann's. For one I would be teaching what I love, second I would get to be around other crafters that might inspire me. Have to go back on Tuesday to talk to them again.. Would you all please wish me Luck?
    One of my girlfriends here also took me to our favorite restaurant named Hunan, which serves chinese food. They have the best buffet of any place like that I know. We have gone there since it opened 10 years ago and even made friends with the owner. You could say we went there a lot, couldn't you?

    The weather has been springlike since I been here. For this reason we have also spent loads of time outside. My friend has a bunch of horses, which I just love. When I was a kid my dad raised horses and I loved them ever since. Over all these years I had not had the opportunity to be around them much and until the other day, visiting the horses of my girlfriend, I didn't realize how much. So I have to spent time with them now and enjoy that I can be around them once again. My girlfriend also gave me the biggest gift, my own one year old foal, named Storm. She is just beautiful. She is white. For the moment she still has her winter coat. Now I really want Spring to come so I can be out there and enjoy her the way she should be enjoyed.

    This is me with one of the horses

    Storm is the one on the right

    Otherwise I been also doing lots of walking around the old neighborhood, playing with the dogs and just trying to relax and recover from all the stress. One doesn't realize how much a move can wear us out, especially when you get older.
    Sorry to say I have not done much crafting since I have been here. To tired and just couldn't get into it yet again. It will come with time. I did buy myself two magazines for crocheting this week and saw many beautiful, inspiring things in them.

    I like these pillows and am thinking about making them in my color palette.

    The other thing I am interested in making in the near future, are some dog collars for my little buddies, like these:


    Lately I have been thinking about dressing up my little girl doggies. Am I crazy, or what? Am I embarassing my little four-legged friends? Some would say yes. I guess it is in the eyes of the beholder.
    At the moment I am sitting here, looking out of the window at the pouring rain and wishing for this:

    Boy I can hardly wait for that. The thought of warmer and nicer days gives me joy beyond believe. Can't wait to see the first flowers shows their little heads out of the ground. Can't wait for the smell of that first fresh cut grass. Hope it comes soon.
    Also while I am sitting here, I am thinking about the new week ahead and all the things I want to be doing. I do know that I have to get back to some kind of routine. Hopefully I can buy the paint for my new place this coming week and start painting in my new little mother-in-law house. I am so excited about all that. It will be so fun to look at color samples and choosing what I want my new home to look and feel like.So many great ideas are zooming around in my head. Not to worry, I will share them with you all as we go along. Any tips from you all will be welcome also. So chip right in.....
    Otherwise it has been so much fun being back in familiar surroundings.  I had almost forgotten how it felt to spend time with friends you really care about and  just  talk the time away. Not that I didn't make friends in Alabama, but nothing has felt like Home. Now I feel happier and more content than I felt in quite a long time.
    Must say, I have needed that.
    Ok gotta run now again... Dogs need and demand some attention. Will post again soon with more updates and hopefully some better pictures. Till than.....Take Care!

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Tuesday Question

    Hallo Folks......I'm baaaacck! What you think of that?

    My four-legged children and I made the move from Alabama to Mississippi successfully. At first we were all a little restless and tired, but we are slowly adjusting and settling in. We all know how it goes after a move. The first few days are the hardest, especially since you can never find anything you are looking for. I tried to be as organized as could be for this move by packing things in grates and labeling them, but I realize there are a lot of things not labeled and hard to find.But we are looking on the bright side.....the move is behind us and better days are ahead.

    But we also have quite a bit of work ahead of us. The children and I are moving into a mother-in-laws house on and behind my girlfriends house. It had a lot of damage from a storm and new walls and windows were put in, but it still needs the final finishes, like sanding the drywall, priming and painting the walls. The house also needs new flooring put down and the kitchen cabinets put back up. But ohhh what fun....I get to fix it all the way I want to and like. I have all these wonderful ideas swirling around in my head. In the next few days I will take some before pictures and post them and as I go along I will share the improvements with you all. I am so looking forward to getting started. I have so many ideas flitting around my brain. Don't you all think that it is a wonderful way to let loose of your imagination and your creativeness. Well.....more to come.

    Tuesday Question:

    I would really be interested how everybody got started with their crafts. Did you learn in a class? Did you learn from family or maybe from a friend? And how long have you all been doing it?

    Hoping to hear from you all and we see each other again over the next few days. Hope your day is bright!!

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Tuesday Question on Wednesday and Change is in the Air I am. I knowwww, a little bit late. But you know what they say.....Better late than never. Right??? So we will have the Tuesday Question on a Wednesday this week. Will try and not let that happen again.

    There are a few things going on in my life at the moment. For the last 1 1/2 Years I have been unemployed and where I currently live it will not change any time soon. The smaller the town, the less jobs available. I came to Alabama for a job and will now move back to Mississippi this coming weekend, where I lived for a long time and which I miss very much. So as you can imagine, my next week will be filled with packing up boxes and getting organized, the move itself and hopefully being able to settle in quickly. This will not leave me much time for hooking, crafting or blogging, but I hope you all will be bearing with me throughout this time. When I can, I will leave a quick note and let you all know how it is going. Thanks!

    Tuesday Question:

    When knitting or crocheting do you always make a gauge first and than start on your project or maybe make a whole swatch? Or do you just hope it comes out right in the end?

    Here is hoping to see you all soon. Getting back to packing now. Bye and have a good week!

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Funny Friday

    Howdy Friends! It's Friday and with that the end of another week. YEAH....! 

    REMEMBER to wear something RED today to show your support for women's heart disease awareness on National Wear Red Day. Currently I am wearing a red t-shirt and if I should venture out, I will wear a red winter jacket and a red scarf. RED being my favorite color anyway, I don't see any problem on showing it off. I thought I tell you about something funny. At first it wasn't so funny, but now it is even funny to me. Remember a few posts back I told you about my little critter problem? You know....the MICE? I guess living in an old house like this one, one can't get around having them. One could think so, that I have started my own private critter collection and they feel very much at home in my house. Well coming back to the funny part. Yesterday morning I wanted to take a shower and what do I see??? One big fat mouse, yep. What to do? I really wanted that shower, you know. But that mouse was looking at me with it's little bieddy eyes. So what did I do? Nothing, because before I could, it went down the drain of the bathtub and wouldn't come back out. Now what? I had no choice.....I turned on the hot water and thought it would flush down the rest of the drain. I proceeded to take my shower, but the whole time I was in that tub, I looked at that drain. You know why, don't you? I kept on thinking that mouse was going to jump back out and bite me in the butt. Enough to give a girl nightmares. That must have been the fastest shower I ever took. As I told my girlfriend about it, she just kept on laughing and after a while, I couldn't help but laugh with her. So do you all think it's funny too? Yep, I know, I can hear you all giggle. Admit it, I know you are! Well this morning when I went to the bathroom I heard that noise from the tub again.......and yes, this time there were three little critters in it. And this time I got proof. Want to see?

    They are quite the climbers, aren't they? Ok, ok.....enough of my little problem. 

    A couple of days ago I told you about the potholders my neighbor requested. Well they are now finished. They are just simple, plain and straightforward. Here are the promised pictures of them. They were made from I LOVE THIS YARN cotton and remind me of sunflowers.


    Now what you all have planned for the weekend? Watch the SUPERBOWL? I might take a peek here and there, but in general I will most likely catch up on some of my german programs and do some more crocheting. Really need to continue working on my afghans. Otherwise it will most likely be a quiet weekend, with no further plans. For now I hope you all make it a good one and see you again soon.

    Thursday, February 4, 2010


    Good Morning / Guten Morgen !

    Today I would like to introduce you to 3 blogs that I enjoy and that you might like as well, if you don't know of them already.

    Let me know how you like them. I always love to find new blogs that inspire me and these certainly do. If only I had all the time in the world to actually make or try all these different crafts and/or projects. Just looking at all the patterns I have in my file, I would need 30 years to finish them all.

    Also today, I am announcing a GIVE-AWAY. Yep, something you can all try for. Now isn't that exciting? Don't you want to try for it? And WHAT, do you ask, am I giving away and what do you have to do for it? you really want me to tell you? Ok fine, I will. You will get this:

    in this color:

    You will get 10 of them in a box. And now......drumroll please.....this is what you will have to do for it: Be the 50's person to leave me a comment. In the comment you will have to mention the date of my first post. Now isn't that easy? Don't you want to be part of this? So off you go and get started, lol. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

    As it was so nice and for this time of year, warm outside, I went outside with my dogs to play. Boy did they love it and have a good time. Would you like a little glimpse of my critters (and bedwarmers)? You said YES. Ok, here we go:


    They so love to play with a big soccer ball. If I want them to get tired, all I have to do is let them chase that ball for 10 minutes and they are ready to get back to their dog beds and a little nap. Just LOVE my critters.

    Now I thought I would share 2 pictures with you. They were taken at my friends wedding a couple of weeks ago. I just love their simplicity (no faces). To me sometimes they are the best kind of pictures and say the most.


    I just loved her wedding dress with all the little pearls and the long drain. If their faces weren't on it, I would show you some more, but I respect their privacy. What do you think? Are they not beautiful?

    For now I will bit you all farewell and wish you a good day. See you later alligator.....after?

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    Getting over the Hump Day

    Good Morning,

    Woke up to a bright, sunny day. After two of my favorite cups of coffee I am ready to wisk through my day and the many things that need doing today. I have an old van that has been used to go to flee markets and craft shows over the last few years. When I looked at it yesterday, it became very clear to me, how much it was time to reorganize and clean it up. Got to admit, I have procrastinated on that. With it being so nice today, I will tackle this project and see what I can come up with.

    Last night my lady Neighbor came over and brought me some cotton yarn and asked me to please crochet her some potholders with it. Since she is such a wonderful lady, I could not turn her down. While watching one of my favorite shows, NCIS, I got started on them right away and will finish them this evening. Will post picture tomorrow. This might help me get back in the groove or so I hope anyway.

    Will be back to post some more later.....Till than

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    Tuesday Question and Groundhog Day

    Good Morning.....I hope this will find you in good Spirits!

    Can hardly believe it, but here is February already. Today is Groundhog Day. And OH NO.....he saw his shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter. Brrrrrrr! Personally I am so ready for Spring. Can't wait for the first flowers to pop their little heads through the dirt. Just can't wait....but waiting we must. As long as the sun shows up every day I will be ok, just hate them cloudy days. I really shouldn't be complaining. Living here in the south is certainly not as bad as living in some of them areas that were slammed by lots of snow and cold, cold weather. To me, Snow is only fun when you live in an area where you can enjoy this snow, to go sledding, skiing etc. Oh well, let's look on the bright side.....more cups of good Hot Chocolate or hot tea to keep us warm and snuggly in the evenings.

    Here now to the Tuesday Question:

    Since I am still pretty new to this blogging world, I have all these questions running around in my head. So what I would like to know is, how do you choose the blogs that you read on a daily basis? What characteristics do they need to have? Are you looking for just crafts? Or are you also interested in other everyday life stories?

    When you write your own blog, how do you find the right words or do you just write without thinking about it much? What is your approach?

    Personally I write my best work at night, while laying in bed, half asleep. Don't you think that is funny? I do. But than, when I sit in front of my computer in the morning, not one word wants to come out and jump onto the paper. ukkk, hate that. But what is a girl to do? I think some people are just born writers. And funny and entertaining too. What I would give for that. So, I guess in the meantime I just keep tuckering along and see what comes out.

    On the crafting front, still not much has happened for me over the last month. I do a little bit here and a little bit there. I did finish my shawl. Sorry no pictures yet, as I need a model or just a warmer day outside, to take a good picture of it. So I beg your patients one more time.

    Now I hope someone will please leave me my first comment. I would really love to hear all your opinions. Until than, have a wonderful day and a wonderful week. Bye for now!
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