Monday, November 1, 2010

Link-Yourself Monday

Good Monday Morning my lovely Ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend. Personally I had a wonderful weekend, with a Haunted Barn, lots of Kids dressed in their costumes and the weather actually held up this year. How did you spend your Halloween?

Here I thought I tell you of a little give-away over at Stitching-N-Shipping. You need to check it out. She is giving away this wonderful Christmas Stocking. I am envious. Wish I could sew like that. Well I know I will have to through my name in the basket.

On my Crafting front, I am working on a round seat cover. All in all I need to make three of them. They will cheer up the kitchen, or so I hope. Besides that I am working on a custom order, which I will share with you as soon as it is completed. My Christmas Crafts Projects are also moving along. If the internet holds up, I will share with you over the next few days. Here now a looksy at the different stages of a share cover, lol:

Here is hoping you have a lovely and productive day! See you later......

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and a Haunted Barn

Hope you All have Halloweening Fun Time today!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Question

Here we are, another Tuesday Question. Hope you all had a wonderful start to your week yesterday!

First so I thought I would tell you about a few different give-aways across blogland. Hope you all will take a peek at them. Leave a Comment and become a Friend and Follower:

Crocheting in Georgia You need to look at her cute little ghosts. Everybody aught to win this one so you can display these on your table.

House 9 She is giving away 5 really cute crocheted owls. The blog is in Dutch, but is worth to translate.

Clara's Crochet Room She has a bag with Goodies to give away. You must hurry so, today is the last day to enter.

Moppie Moppie Another Dutch blog worthwhile checking out. She has dog or cat collars to give away.

For others not mentioned here (sorry to say I have not been able to look enough lately, as you know), I have a link-yourself at the end of this post. I hope you all will used it.

Now to the Tuesday Question:

Have you ever tried Freehand Crochet or Knitting? If you have, do have an idea in your head before you start or do you just start working on the project and hope it will turn out? Lately I have played with the thought of trying it out, am just still a little chicken about it, lol.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Link-Yourself Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend and are now ready for the week ahead. Well it is Link-Yourself Monday and I hope many of you will participate.

Here now something I have been working on a little. Still not back in full swing, as we are still working on the house and craft shop, but it is slowly coming together. Will have to get in full gear soon, so I will have enough product for my new little shop in Hardy. Currently I am still working on some potholders, which seem to be selling around here pretty fast.

 What do you all think of this design above?

Well off I go to get some things done. I am in Mississippi today and tomorrow and need to run a bunch of errands, plus I want to hit the Yarn shops here, as you can't find much in the country where I live now. So you all have a great day and I will share my new stash with you all soon.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hardy, Arkansas

Hallo Friends,

As you have probably noticed I have once again been absence for the last few days. My plight with the Internet continues. In order to write my blog, I have to stay up during the hours of 1 and 5 in the morning, which are not the kind of hours I like to keep. Sorry to gripe to you again. We are currently 5 people in the house, all of us having computers and between us we are only aloud 375 MB during the daytime hours. With e-mail downloads, etc. it is almost impossible. Take my word for it. After that the connection slows down to slower the dial up speed. Scary isn't it in these times of fast DSL or Cable connections. Until I find another solution to this problem, I hope you will all bare with me. Thanks!

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful and almost perfect. Could live with temperatures like these all year round. How has it been where you live?

Have some News to tell. Last weekend we went to the little town of Hardy, Arkansas. It is a crafts Mecca. The whole little town is nothing but crafts stores and a couple of Restaurants. We saw so many wonderful handmade items and artisans, from Quilting to Oil Paintings. Since it is not to far from where I live and since the prices for rent are very low, I have decided, starting next March I will have my own little shop here. I will be carrying crafts from other crafters in the area, (They will also be featured in my online Store shortly), plus my own of course. I am looking very much forward to this opportunity and it has been a dream of mine. Will also have my yarn for sell in the shop. Here now a looksy at the town of Hardy:

Here now a little humor about the town. At one time these buildings were used by the Ladies of the Night to do their business. Men from the Railroad that runs through town were frequent visitors.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip with me. Will sure you more and share more with you about it in the Future. For now I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Until we can see each other again, Take Care!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Link-Yourself Monday

Hallo, sorry to say my Internet problems have continued over this last week. We once again had a repairman out over the weekend and hopefully were once again in business, at least for now. This is very much a downfall of living in the country.

Today I will show you a few pictures of my future crafts room before we started cleaning it out. Most of the things in it at that time, were crafts related, as this was a crafts room used by the previous owner before she passed away. Many things can be used in future projects and I am looking forward to working on them this upcoming winter.

We also had an Elvis sighting in a town nearby. Figured it would be fun for you all to see:

Ok, that's all from my neck of the woods for today. Hope to see you again tomorrow for the Tuesday question. Have a lovely day everyone!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back online

Wow, what a week. It's really crazy when you are without Internet. We are really so spoiled. For over a week now, our Internet was out of whack and we had to wait until last night for a repairman to come out and fix it. I must admit, I really got spoiled on DSL and am not really super crazy about this Hughes net. To many limitations and the slightest weather change can through it off. Oh well, that is the prize to pay for wanting to live in the country. But I do love, just LOVE living here. Really enjoy my daily walks with the dogs and to watch how the summer is turning into fall. Can't wait to see the trees turn and show us their beautiful colors.

Haven't done much crafting this week either. We have been working hard on putting the roof on the house and working on cleaning out the crafts room. Plus I worked a couple of days. So sorry to say I have nothing crafty to show you today. But I will share a couple of other interesting things with you. Hope I don't bore you all.

 Houseplants enjoying the last days of summer.
They are very healthy now.

Did you know?? :

The Liberty Bell got it's crack the first time it was rung?

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning? (oh NOOO, love my cup of Java to much for that, lol).

In parts of Alaska, it's illegal to feed alcohol to a moose, and in Oklahoma, you're subject to fines and / or imprisonment for making "ugly" faces at dogs. ( haha, who would have thought? Some of these laws here in the US are to funny)

A bee can travel four million miles at 7 m.p.g. on the energy it would obtain from one gallon of nectar. Bees have five eyes - there are three small eyes on the top of a bee's head and two larger ones in front. Out of 20,000 species of bees, only four make honey.

To clean tarnished copper bottoms of pots and pans, spread a little ketchup onto the bottom. Let it sit for about a minute. Wipe it clean and rinse. ( Good tips, I think)

The phrase "sleep tight" originated when mattresses were set upon ropes woven through the bed frame. To remedy sagging ropes, one would use a bed key to tighten the ropes. (That's the first time I have heard that).

Well Folks, that's it from my part of the woods for today. Hopefully I will be able to stay online from now on and ones again make regular entries. For now I wish you all a wonderful weekend and say, see you soon. Bye!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Checking In

Thought I would say a quick HALLO to everybody. Hope you are all having a wonderful day so far and that it will continue.

I got to tell ya, living in the country is wonderful. It really is. Except for the Internet. That is becoming somewhat of a problem for me. It isn't that I can't get on the Internet, no, it is the fact that you can't get nothing but Hughes Net, a satellite dish, out here. They give you limits. During the day I am not allowed to up- or download more than 375 MB, which is nothing when you want to upload your pictures or watch something on U-Tube. One picture and you are done. You can up- or download all you want during the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM, but honestly, who is up during those hours? Not me. I like to sleep than. But I guess I have to bite in the sour apple every few days and either stay up or get up really early, so I can do so. Otherwise I will not be able to show you what I am working on or even work on my web site. You would think that they would make it more convenient for everybody. That goes to show once again, how spoiled we get with the Internet and how much we really use it.

But I didn't get on here to gripe, but to show you a little bit of my surroundings as promised. So here we go:

This is our lovely deck behind the house, where I have been enjoying my cups of coffee in the morning. It is so peaceful, just listening to the birds and watching the sun come up.

You see that little white building right there behind the porch? Well actually when you walk in it, it isn't that small. It has been used as a craft room by it's previous owner and there are still crafts left behind. Most are not usable anymore. This weekend we are planning on cleaning it all out, tear down the walls and floor and put all new. After that we are adding some nice shelves and a sewing and cutting table, and it will once again become a craft room. Will take before and after pictures, so you all can get a looksy too. As you can imagine I am very much looking forward to that. Can hardly wait to be able to use it.

This is the wood shop, where the previous owner built kitchen cabinets. It needs a lot of work. Next week it is supposed to get new walls, new siding and a new roof. After that it is going to be used as a wood shop again. It still has all the saws anybody could need to make yard signs, etc. There will be plenty of time this winter to work on new things. Something else to look forward to.

This is the country road we live on. Every morning and every evening I have been waling with the dogs and they just absolutely love it. Lots of places for them to check out and sniff and plenty of space just to run and play. For me it is good exercise and I hope it will help me drop a few pounds.

So this is it from my little corner of the world today. Make your day special and keep on smiling, because than the world will smile with you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Question

Another Tuesday has rolled around. It's a beautiful day outside, not to hot and not to cold. It's the kind of day you just want to go for a long walk and enjoy the outdoors, before Fall make it's appearance with rainy weather. We have had some really good downpours over the last few days. I do love Spring and Fall weather and just love when the Tree's turn orange, red and yellow and show all their glory. I call it Nature at it's best.

Just a little note (I know you all will think I am crazy), but I am back up north. This time on the other side of Memphis, in the Arkansas Countryside. Houston was not for me. I am to much of a country girl.

Over the last week I managed to finish 50 pairs of dishcloth. I had a small marathon and am glad I got it done the way I had planned. They now come in a rainbow of color. Since I am on such a Roll, I have decided to make potholders for the Rest of this week. It's hard to believe it is already the middle of September again and the Holiday season is approaching fast. Hopefully we will all be able to make it a successful one.

Tuesday Question: If you sell your crafts during the holiday season, which are all the ways you sell them? Privately, through Etsy, Artfire or on your own web site? What are your Best and Worst experiences? Do you have any advice for all of us novices out here?

Well of I go now, back to the great outdoors. Will take some picture for you all today of my new surroundings and share them with you soon. For now you all have a great day!

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