Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Question

Is it really Tuesday already again? Why is it, that the older you get, the faster the time seems to fly? So I guess we better enjoy Life to the fullest why we can, huh?

I like to sing, I like to hum,
people say - I've been in the rum.
I like to laugh, I like to grin,
people think I was drinking again.
I tell a story or laugh at a joke,
all I had was a nice cold coke.
The happiness and joy that I display,
is just because I'm made that way.
Don't need things to give happiness a start,
all I need lives right in my heart.

Ok.....Now....Drum roll please.......

We have our winner to the give-away.


Doris were our 50th person to leave a comment. Congratulations...well done!

Now, please get in touch with me and I will send it shortly. Thanks also for being such a good friend!

We will announce a new give-away in the next few days and we hope that you will all participate.

And now on to the Tuesday Question:

Over this last weekend I did a lot, and I mean a lot of browsing through every bodies blogs, weather they were American, French, German, English, Spanish or Dutch. WOW, there are just so many beautiful blogs out there in Blog land. Can tell you, I became a follower to many of them. I found many different styles in writing, picture taken and of course the crafts themselves. 

Now I am curious to find out, what do you look for when picking out the blogs you follow. Is it the craft itself? Or is the writing? Do you enjoy looking at all the pictures? What characteristics impress you the most? Does it matter what language they are in? Are you also looking at blogs that have nothing to do with crafting of any kind?

Looking forward to reading your answers. For now have a nice evening and enjoy life!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday everybody. Are we ready for the week ahead?

The weekend was quiet around my house. The high and almost intolerable temperatures continued and nobody really wanted to leave the house unless they just absolutely had to. We had originally planned on going to Arkabutler Lake and do a little swimming, running our boats and have a little picnic, but did change our minds in the end and decided to postpone it to a somewhat cooler weekend, when the heat index is not 106F. The one thing we couldn't get out of, was to go and feed the horses in the barn, but we did that real, real early.

Now that isn't to say we didn't have a nice weekend, because we did. Cooking was done in the crock pot, as not to heat up the house. We also watched a variety of movies, one of them being "The Book of Eli", which we highly recommend. Personally I also watched a couple of nice German TV movies, which I enjoyed very much.

Guess what? I also got some hooking time in. Can you believe it? Well lately it always seems amazing to me when I can fit in some hooky time, but I am so glad.

Remember the project I was working on? The one, where I said I wanted you all to guess? Well, you all are never going to believe what happened. The ones who guessed it was going to be a purse, were correct. Now, I finished all the body parts and was working on the handle, when of all things, I ran out of yarn. The horror of it, lol. Me, actually running out of yarn? Never thought that would happen. I was also real sure that I had enough yarn before I got started, but you can all see where that assumption let me. So for now I have to put this project on hold and wait when I am able to get to the store with that particular yarn. The problem is, the only one of it's kind is 2 hours away and not exactly in a direction I go often. Well, hopefully I won't have to put it off for to long. Am trying to talk my friend into going on a little trip there with me.

Not to worry so, I had another project planned and have plenty of yarn for this one. I will be making a shawl for a very special friend of mine. When you see the following pictures you might think the yarn is blue, but it is actually turquoise. For some reason, not matter how I tried, the color was not coming out on camera.

Love the way this project works up and is moving along quit nicely. Think I will have it done within a couple of days. Will show it off at that time.

For now I will bit you all a great Monday evening and we shall meet soon again!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Memory Lane

Hallo Dear Friends,

For some reason I have been going down memory lane over the last few days. Can't really explain why and what brought it about, but there it is.

As some of you know, I was born and raised in Germany and came to live in the USA as an adult. I've actually lived here now longer than over there, so you wouldn't think that I would miss that much from there,  but I do. Thought I would show you some of those things and share memory lane with you.

This is  Kassel (where I was born) and the Herkules (Herkules is the statue on top of this old castle). As a child my grandparents would take us all the way to the top. The view was amazing. In the summertime you will see water cascading down these steps, ending in a pool on the bottom. What a site to see. All the way around is forest areas, where you can just walk, have picnics and enjoy nature. There are many old trees my cousin Martina and I have climbed in this area, as we were just like two tomboys with no fear. As for the can just imagine.

I also miss these.....Outdoor Cafe's. How many hours did we linger over a good cup of coffee and some strawberry cake? Here we would debate current events, talk about just everyday life and just plain enjoy sitting in the fresh air. It was always a place where friends would linger.

Johannisbeeren .....or how you call them here: Currents. My grandma's garden were filled with them in the summertime. She would make marmelade and wonderful pie's with them. Personally I always thought they were best eaten right of the bush.

Big Farmers markets: We bought all our fruit and vegetables from here. Except for wintertime, I don't ever remember not having flowers sitting on the tables around the home.

Fachwerkhaeuser: Old fashioned german architecture. To me this style of building has so much character and look homier to me.

Flower boxes on the windows. Don't you think they are beautiful and add so much character?

Hand painted Art on homes ......

The below picture is of a motel my grandparents owned until they passed on. The building on the right has been added till than. Across the street was a huge garden where the guest could enjoy sitting about, enjoying their morning coffee or just watch their children play by the little pond. How many a frog was not safe from us children, lol. The area was called Bad Waldeck and was near a lake called Edersee which also had a huge dam. It's an area for summer enjoyment like boating, sailing and swimming. Nearby was also Schloss (Castle) Waldeck and a big Tourist attraction. Oh the stories I could tell of all the trouble my cousins, siblings and I got into.

The End....

Thanks for coming along on this little trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoyed it a little bit and won't be bored when I return down this lane a few more times along the way.

Wishing you All a wonderful day, filled with sunshine, family and friends, and "Craftiness".

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Question and a Gift in the Mail

"Happy Tuesday" everybody. Our thermostat hit the 100F mark for the last few days. Yikes...... Is it that hot in your neck of the woods? I'm normally not one to complain, but I got to admit, this is killing me. Seems like since hitting 50 I can't handle this kind of heat as well as I used to. Here in the south the humidity does not help, but makes it feel even hotter. Hard to believe summer just started and it's only June. These are the kind of temperatures we usually get in August. Really hope that doesn't mean we will have that hot of a summer, as I really love the outdoors.

Well....I did have a nice and wonderful surprise in the mail today, one I was Lucky enough to actually win. I was the 100th Follower at Molly's blog ( Crocheting my Best with my Worsted ) and because of it received this lovely book, 24-Hour Crochet Projects by Rita Weiss ,shock full of things I am sure to try. What a wonderful gift to get and how appreciated. Thank you so much again Molly....You made my day! Hope you get to mark 200 Followers real soon and continued success with your craft and your blog.

Here a little reminder of the give-away I have on my blog. Check out here what you got to do and what you get. Good Luck!

Now to our weekly Tuesday Question:

What new yarn have you discovered of late, that you find irresistible and you can't do without? What kind of Projects do you use it for? Could you also tell us where to find it?

Now that's it for me today. You all have a lovely and cool evening! Till next time....tahdah

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Question, an Idea and playing around

Once again we have come around to Tuesday and with that, the Tuesday Question. For a while I went blank today and wondered what I could ask. You know how it is, sometimes the more we are looking for something, the less we do it. So I decided to walk away from it for a while and than come back, hopefully with a noteworthy question. Not so easy, I tell you. Because of that, I decided we needed to do something new here and would like to ask for your all's HELP. I think it would be interesting to also post YOUR Questions here. What do you think? Would any of you be interested in that? If you are, send me an e-mail with your Question and I will post one question every Tuesday, with your name and the name of your blog. Here is my e-mail: .

Here now to this weeks Tuesday Question:

Now that it is already June again and with that half the year gone already (wow, hard to believe, isn't it?), have you already thought ahead to the next Christmas holiday? Or when do you start thinking about making things? Do you make a list with every body's names and what you will gift them, or do you make things randomly for them? What determines what you make? Do you make mostly little gifts or sometimes something big as well?
Well I am looking forward to hearing some answers from you.

Otherwise today was on the slow side for me. With this heatwave outside, I am limiting myself to going outdoors in the early morning hours. So with that, I went to feed the horses early today and than hightailed it home. The heat seems to bother me so much more now in my 50's, as it did in prior years. I have been feeling tired for the last couple of days, as if someone sapped the strength out of me. Because of that, I have been taking it easy.

Today I decided to take a little time to finally play around with the new Picasa 3. It's like a new toy you can't stop playing with. Here is my first attempt:

Haha, it came out so scrambled. I realized right than and there, that this will take a little learning and playing with. But that is the fun of it, isn't it? Looks like this will be a worthwhile program to have and I am looking forward to, to making many nice collages in the future.

Still wishing you all a nice evening and we will see you soon!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning

Good Morning my Dear Friends......Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Well Monday is here once again and with that a new start to a new week. Hope yours will be a good one!

Here, in my neck of the woods it has been forecast to be very hot. We are to have temps in the high 90's with a heat index around 105. Smoldering.....yuk. At this point I have to say that I will get up a bit earlier in the mornings and get things done as fast as I can outdoors, after which I than will do some stuff indoors, like hopefully more hooking than I have done of late.

As a matter of fact, I actually did a bit of hooking over this last weekend. Can you believe it??? Here is my proof. Let me know if can figure out what it will be. Bet you can't....

It started with this:

worked up to this:

From there it continued like this:

It also comes in two parts:

Figured out what it will be yet? Well the reveal will hopefully come within the next couple of days. In the meantime....Happy guessing!

Here now a little looksy at my potted plants and their progress. Especially love how much my elephant ears have grown.

Now I hope you all have a nice Monday and rest of the week. "Happy Crafting" everybody!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Question and a short Trip

Hallo Friends!    Did you all know that knitting for an hour burns 102 calories? I wonder how fast you would have to knit, lol.

Tuesday Question: What is the best way to weave in the ends of the yarn? I have crocheted for years and am still not sure. I have heard and been shone many different ways, but would really like to know which way is best so nothing unravels at a later time. So How do you all do it?

Last week Thursday, my friend D. ask me to take a little trip with her to Jackson, Mississippi, where she had to take care of some personal business, but as it is a 3 hour ride, she wanted some company. Well seeing that I just Love to travel anywhere, I could not resist and went along. We had a lot of fun together, just chatting and singing silly to some country songs on the radio. After she finished her business, we decided to make a little tour through downtown to see something new. We ended up at the State building, which neither of us had seen on previous visits. It's a beautiful old building and we decided to also check out the inside. It was certainly worth the visit.

Here a view of the outside of the State Capitol:

And here a look on the inside:

Isn't this old water fountain beautiful?

 This was at the Governor's office.....wonder if he was home???

 We also walk to another floor, where the Supreme Court was located. Now we can say we have been to the Supreme Court. We are just glad it wasn't for something serious.

We signed the big book at the Governor's office, and with that we signed ourselves into the history books.

This picture of the round tower within the building, doesn't do it justice. The way the light was showing through it, was just brilliant. Actually the architecture of this old house was gorgeous and one could feel the history of it just walking in it's walls.

All in all, I was very glad I went along for the ride. It was a beautiful and fun day with a nice friend.

Now I will bit you all farewell and hope we see each other again soon. "Happy Hooking" to you All!!

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