Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I've been up to

Hallo my Friends! Yes, I am still here, if only temporarily in the background. As it so often goes in life, things change. With the kind of job I do to earn a living, things can change slow or real fast. As I have told you all before my last patient has sadly passed away and with that I needed to go on and find a new one. But before that happened, my back decided to put a wrench in the middle. My back has been a slow uphill battle. It would feel better for a few days and than it would be so bad again, like in the beginning. It still isn't what it should be, but it is still improving. Sitting for longer periods of time are still hard and as we all know, in order to crochet or any other craft for that matter, is done sitting. So it is going a bit slower than usual, but I am working on a few things, including stash busters.

As for a new job, a new one came to me two weeks after loosing my last one. The hours are different, as I am working lots more daytime hours. That also changed my crafting and blogging schedule. We all know how it goes. When we come home after a long day, the household comes first, than in my case, my animals follow. But I will readjust and get a better organized schedule again, with more craft time.

So here now is one of the things I have made in the last few weeks:

What can you do with this?

And this?

And this?

Here are the results
The Beginning........

And the End Result is.......

What do you all thing?
Did they come out ok?

Thanks for visiting me today and I will do my best to be here more often again and to also to continue the link-up party and more. 

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