Friday, February 8, 2013

YES ...... It is FRIDAY

Yayyyy my friends, it is finally Friday! Do I hear a resounding Cheer? Yes you say. 

So what have I been up to? Well you could say I have been very, very busy. Sorry to say it hasn't been on the crochet front. At the moment I have three patients who have been needing my full attention. Than we add church activities and helping someone move. So with that said, here is a little valentines project I am working on when time permits:

Uups, it is sideways.
Wonder why that keeps happening to me
as I always turn them around
in the editor?

What do you think it is? Any guesses?

Spring ..... I think it is in the air. Over the last few days I have been noticing some little flowers trying to peak through the dirt. Just love, love, love those signs of warmer days ahead. Don't you?

Growing wild in the garden

 Couldn't resist taking a few home

And here one more look at what 
I am making

Now I am off to go do some of that lovely laundry, dust the furniture and all those other nice things we women have to do when we get some time off.

Hope all you lovely Ladies have a wonderful weekend! What is on your needles at this time?

Until soon, Erika


  1. Hello I'm new...and new to crochet. Struggling, but trying.

    I like it!!!Especially because of those little stitches that tie the rows together being a different color.
    Is it an infinity scarf or a "regular" scarf???

  2. Nice colours you're using!!
    I guess it's a scarf or a cowl?
    Godd luck and trie te stay healthy, Karien.

  3. hello from corner to another, thanks you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower, I am following right back, love your project, lovely colours, could it be a blanket, scarf perhaps, can't wait to see it finished. :)

  4. Good Morning Erika.. Happy Saturday... love the colors of your project.. pillowcase ? another Ipad cover?? Can't wait to see the unveiling... Daffodils how pretty they sure are a sign of spring.. Can not wait.. hugs Mausie

  5. Ciao Erika
    Ein Muster Schoen und einfach ... mit anderen Worten einfach schoen!
    Bye, bye Elli

  6. Thank you everybody. Nice to see you all here.

    Well I am not quite telling yet. Want to have a little reveal when finished, but nice guesses.

    Wishing you all a nice weekend and we will see each other soon.


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