Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Question & another Square

Good Morning Friends! In my neck of the woods it has been raining buckets. Not that I like it much, but we so badly need it. Hopefully we won't get the icy precipitation that might pass over us or not. A repeat after last week would not be to much fun.

Now to our weekly Tuesday Question. Honestly I am running out of Questions for the moment. Who would have thought? So friends, please come and help me out. Someone got to have a question we could all work on the answers for. Please e-mail me at and share the question with us. Hope to hear from many of you. Thanks!

So for today I will ask you all, what do you love or not love about Pinterest? Who uses it for inspiration? And how much time do you spend looking at crafts?

As for my square this week, I found it on Pinterest and really liked it, but when I tried to follow the link for the pattern, it send me to ravelry. Usually you can find the pattern there, but not this time. So I went ahead and blew up the picture so I could see it in better view and went ahead with creating it. I think it came out ok, but I would say it wasn't the correct pattern, but close enough.

The yarn is a 4-ply cotton in peach
(looks pink on the picture)

I do think the whole in the middle got a little to big.
I used 8 beginning chains,
probably should have used 6 instead.

I left the yarn connected as I have decided to continue for more
rounds and turning it into a square doily.
Will show you when it's finished.

Alright, that's it from me for today. Hope you all stop by for the Questions and otherwise enjoy the rest of your day. Until soon!

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  1. Happy Tuesday Erika,, LOVE Pinterest... I look at crafts and furniture redo's cooking all kinds of things.. I get some inspiration from it but more or less just love looking at the stuff people make... We have rain too all night and so far all day.. I like your square,, as you know I can't do granny's to save my life..LOL, But I keep trying one day it will come to me.. hugs Mausie


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