Monday, February 25, 2013

Link-Yourself Monday & the Letter "H"

Once again the weekend is over. Sadly! Not that it matters much in my case, since I work pretty much seven days a week. But I hope you all had a good one. We did have a pretty one around here, with lots of sunshine. Saturday evening I was driving home in the evening, when I saw I field that looked white as snow and I realized they were all Geese. What a beautiful sight. Some of the were flighing north, so I do hope it means Spring is coming soon. Not that we can really complain around here, since they have so much snow and cold up north. Than this morning I was driving home again and what do I see? About 10 wild Turkeys and a bunch of deer grazing in a field. Those are the pretty things about living in the country.

So here we are. It is Link-Yourself Monday. We would love to see what pretty things you have made over the last week. So Please share!

Today we have the letter "H". I must admit that it is not easy finding crafts for every letter in the alphabet, but I am trying. So for the letter "H" I have decided on Hangers. Here now are a few excamples of some wonderful creations. Hope you like them.

Just love the rainbow of colors

The finished product

Isn't this one pretty with the shell design?

How about with some added flowers?

For this one I found a tutorial here

Would like to wish all of you a good start into the new week. Hope you find many crafty things to enjoy.


  1. Hi Erika! Great job on finding a letter H !! :)

  2. Good Evening Erika... Sorry I missed this post earlier but as I am not on fb a lot lately except in the am it just scadoodled by me... Love the hangars... My Oma used to make the shell design ones... and gave them away as presents... I still have some.. Need to take a picture and send it to you... they are so pretty and keep the clothes from slipping too... I am working on a baby blanket that is giving me heck.. not in the sense of pattern but it just doesn't want to grow and I think I wont have enough yarn to finish it.. its the one I had started in a straight dc backstitch..frogged it once already and think will frog it again.. I have heard loads of geese flying over head in the mornings and yes I see turkeys often.. Deer haven't been around much since it first starting getting cold... Wishing you an easy night at work... hugs Mausie

  3. And now I'm following your blog. You make really cute things!


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