Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Question & a Square?

Good afternoon Friends! Hope everything finds you well in your neighborhood.

As to our Tuesday Question: 

As many of you know I have animals in my house. Two little dogs and two cats. All of them have quite a bit of hair and do tend to loose it, sometimes a lot. If you have animals yourself, how do you keep this hair from getting into your yarn while you are working on your project? I always seem to crochet or knit some of it into each project I make and it is very annoying to me. Anybody have a good tip here?

As for the Square, well there is no new Square today. Instead I made a little dishcloth I found on Pinterest in honor of Valentines day. It's in the shape of a Heart. I thought it was kind of cute and wanted to add it to the many I have already. I made it in my favorite colors so it will match other things in my home.

You can find the pattern here
I found the pattern at time a bit confusing, but
I think it turned out ok.

A little more detail

Thought it looked cute with my Red Mug

How about now with the little coasters
I made a while back?

I will leave you on this note and off to work I go. Have a lovely Tuesday! Hope you can all help me with my little hair dilemma.


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  1. I can't keep my yarn from picking up cat hair either.. dog hair isn't so bad since both dogs are short haired, I do keep my projects in a bag which I in turn when I go to bed or stop working on it put into a a little ottoman for safe keeping.. Other than that I don't know of anything you can do to keep your cat hair out of your projects. I also wash mine in gentle cycle before passing it on.. In case of Animal allergies.. Lovely heart that is.. another good coaster pattern I think.. Or even Christmas ornaments.. Hugs Mausie


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