Monday, February 11, 2013

Link-Up Monday and the letter "F"

Good Monday morning Friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

In my neck of the woods the sun is shining, the skies are blue and the daffodil's are perking their little heads out of the ground. So to me it looks like it will be a good day. But than again, any day the sun shines is a good day for me. Didn't realize how much I love the sun, but it sure seems to effect my mood.

Well since it is Monday again, today is the day you can add your link here. Show us your beautiful works. I always to love to look at all the wonderful stuff you are making.

As to the letter "F", it stands today for Felting. Have you worked with Felt before? And what have you made? I recently bought some Felt and am planning to use it shortly. Here are some of my favorite finds on Pinterest.

Couldn't find a link for 
this one

Are these Cute?
They look simple enough to make

Have a Heart

Just love these Ladybugs
You can find the pattern here

Some little flowers
and a few buttons
to complete = Pretty

See you all again soon. Have a good start to the week!


  1. Happy Monday Erika, sun is shining here too in the high 40's windy but oh so lovely. I finally finished my baby blanket and now am working on a little Bonnet to match. Since its for a girl thought a bonnet would be cute. Then will try some booties. Hope you have a great day my friend..Oh and no never felted before show us your results please and let us know how easy or hard it is.. hugs Mausie

  2. Hi Erica, happy to receive you in my blog I felt a book for my grandson. You have a nice blog, I'll follow to learn many beautiful things. kisses


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