Friday, February 22, 2013

Blog-Love Friday

Yesterday we had an Ice Storm blowing through our area. I guess the roads were to warm to freeze, but our trees, cars and roofs were covered in icicles. Many heavy branches broke from the weight of the Ice and our Power went out for a few hours. As yucky as an ice storm is for people who have to be out in it, the beauty of it all amazes me. The trees almost looked like silver blinking in the light. I took a few pictures with my phone and thought I share them with you.

Today I will share four more blogs that I love and find noteworthy. Hope you enjoy my picks and also that you will go visit them, leave a little comment, let them know you stopped by and spread the Love.

First I like to share "Hopscotch Lane" with you. (http://www.
Sorry but blogger will not let me add the link (which is upsetting me at the moment).

You will enjoy her many colorful and beautiful crochet and crafts.

Second blog to make the list is: "Creative Design by Sheila" (
You will love this Crocodile Stitch Shawl and many other pretty designs.

Number three today is "My World of Crochet". ( The Blog is in German, but I think everybody can appreciate her wonderful stuff and maybe even translate it.

Last but not least, please take a looksy at this next blog. Many of you might already know her, but for those who don't, you will love her many pretty things. "One Yarn After Another".

Hope you enjoyed today"s selections and lease come back next week for a few more noteworthy Blogs. In the meantime I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead!

As a last note I want to say that I am still frustrated over the fact that blogger will not let me link anything. Hopefully it will be fixed for my next post. Ok, finished ranting.

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  1. Thank you for including my Crocodile Stitch Shawl on your lovely blog!

    Have a great weekend,


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