Friday, February 15, 2013

Blog - Love Friday

With so many pretty and beautiful blogs out there, there are so many we never see or find. So for that reason we decided today is the day we will spread some BLOG LOVE! Who is with me?

The first blog that everyone just loves
Many of you already know her,
but for those who do not,
you need to take a looksy.

Second on my list today would be
Are these flowers not just gorgeous?

No. 3 on the list today would be
You will love her use of colors,
and her stash busting ideas are just wonderful.

Last, but not least in the No. 4 spot is
You will enjoy her many colorful projects.
She shares my love for the
color RED.

This is it for our first Blog-Love Friday. Hope you all come back next week to check out some more of the wonderful blogs out there. Now please go and visit them and leave them a little "Hello" to let them know you enjoyed their Crafts.

Now I would like to wish you all a nice weekend. What is on your needles at this time?


  1. Hi Erika, lovely blogs you picked to show us. I am a follower of Attic 24 got to check the others out a bit more... Always love interesting idea's and color combo's that peeps use... Hope you have a good weekend.. Hugs Mausie

  2. Thanks for sharing these blogs I lovecattic24


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