Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stash-Buster #2


Well, I am back!!!! For the last few days I caught up on much needed sleep and I got to say, I feel so so much better now. It's amazing how some sleep can make us feel so much better and give us a better and happier outlook on things. 

So I got back to crocheting and working on my stash for the stash-buster project. I really have a lot of yarn to work with.

My project this time was a dishtowel, two dishcloth/potholders and one coaster. Once again "I LOVE THIS COTTON" was used. When I took the pictures, I realized that I didn't have a cabinet handle to hang it on, neither a stove handle. So I took the pictures on the kitchen table, which almost made the towel blend in. But sorry that is the best I could do, as I am really limited on bright spots in my apartment. Hope you can see them well enough.

The whole Towel

Than I added these little buttons

One little coaster

The two dishcloth/potholders

A little close-up

The whole set

One last close-up

While I was taking the pictures, these two rascals kept watching me.
I think they were wondering what the heck I was doing.

"Mom" how about a close-up?

Now I am fixing to go for a walk, as the weather is so nice and I need to stretch the back that is starting to hurt from sitting to much and than I will move on with my next project. So see you all on the flip site. Bye, bye for now!


  1. Nice job Erika. The yarn matches your kitchen well. :-)

    This is a great stitch.

  2. they do look good, you have been busy.... hope all is well... hugs Mausie


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