Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hardy, Arkansas

Hallo Friends,

As you have probably noticed I have once again been absence for the last few days. My plight with the Internet continues. In order to write my blog, I have to stay up during the hours of 1 and 5 in the morning, which are not the kind of hours I like to keep. Sorry to gripe to you again. We are currently 5 people in the house, all of us having computers and between us we are only aloud 375 MB during the daytime hours. With e-mail downloads, etc. it is almost impossible. Take my word for it. After that the connection slows down to slower the dial up speed. Scary isn't it in these times of fast DSL or Cable connections. Until I find another solution to this problem, I hope you will all bare with me. Thanks!

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful and almost perfect. Could live with temperatures like these all year round. How has it been where you live?

Have some News to tell. Last weekend we went to the little town of Hardy, Arkansas. It is a crafts Mecca. The whole little town is nothing but crafts stores and a couple of Restaurants. We saw so many wonderful handmade items and artisans, from Quilting to Oil Paintings. Since it is not to far from where I live and since the prices for rent are very low, I have decided, starting next March I will have my own little shop here. I will be carrying crafts from other crafters in the area, (They will also be featured in my online Store shortly), plus my own of course. I am looking very much forward to this opportunity and it has been a dream of mine. Will also have my yarn for sell in the shop. Here now a looksy at the town of Hardy:

Here now a little humor about the town. At one time these buildings were used by the Ladies of the Night to do their business. Men from the Railroad that runs through town were frequent visitors.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip with me. Will sure you more and share more with you about it in the Future. For now I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Until we can see each other again, Take Care!

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  1. That looks like my kind of town! I would love to have the sign in your first picture along a million things in the other pictures. Love the colorful quilt. Hugs. Tammy


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