Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back online

Wow, what a week. It's really crazy when you are without Internet. We are really so spoiled. For over a week now, our Internet was out of whack and we had to wait until last night for a repairman to come out and fix it. I must admit, I really got spoiled on DSL and am not really super crazy about this Hughes net. To many limitations and the slightest weather change can through it off. Oh well, that is the prize to pay for wanting to live in the country. But I do love, just LOVE living here. Really enjoy my daily walks with the dogs and to watch how the summer is turning into fall. Can't wait to see the trees turn and show us their beautiful colors.

Haven't done much crafting this week either. We have been working hard on putting the roof on the house and working on cleaning out the crafts room. Plus I worked a couple of days. So sorry to say I have nothing crafty to show you today. But I will share a couple of other interesting things with you. Hope I don't bore you all.

 Houseplants enjoying the last days of summer.
They are very healthy now.

Did you know?? :

The Liberty Bell got it's crack the first time it was rung?

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning? (oh NOOO, love my cup of Java to much for that, lol).

In parts of Alaska, it's illegal to feed alcohol to a moose, and in Oklahoma, you're subject to fines and / or imprisonment for making "ugly" faces at dogs. ( haha, who would have thought? Some of these laws here in the US are to funny)

A bee can travel four million miles at 7 m.p.g. on the energy it would obtain from one gallon of nectar. Bees have five eyes - there are three small eyes on the top of a bee's head and two larger ones in front. Out of 20,000 species of bees, only four make honey.

To clean tarnished copper bottoms of pots and pans, spread a little ketchup onto the bottom. Let it sit for about a minute. Wipe it clean and rinse. ( Good tips, I think)

The phrase "sleep tight" originated when mattresses were set upon ropes woven through the bed frame. To remedy sagging ropes, one would use a bed key to tighten the ropes. (That's the first time I have heard that).

Well Folks, that's it from my part of the woods for today. Hopefully I will be able to stay online from now on and ones again make regular entries. For now I wish you all a wonderful weekend and say, see you soon. Bye!!

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  1. Apples huh? Wow, who knew. Since I can't have caffeine maybe I will try apples in the morning.


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