Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mandela Crazy

Good Morning my lovely Friends!

You will all say "She has gone crazy". So many Mandela's. And I would have to say "Yep, very true". I just can't seem to get enough of them. It's like an addiction, you just can't stop. So many different patterns, so many different color combinations, so much fun. Once I got started with them, I don't seem to be able to put them down.

Remember the other day I showed you my Mandela #4. Well at the time I didn't just make one. Nope, I made three, in three color combinations of the same three basic colors, white, pink and red. When I showed it off, I had only sewn in the string of one and so only showed you that one. So now, without further ado, I shall show you the other two and than all three together.

After all that, do you think there is hope for me
to quit this addiction?
Do I need to go to the Mandela addiction clinic
for rehab?

On that note I will leave you all today.
Make your day Special!


  1. Yes you may have a small problem. Haha! But what a problem to have, creating beauty is never a bad thing! I love how rearranging the colors give each mandala a whole different look and feel.

  2. More pretty trios in lovely colours! Thank you for sharing! Chrissie x

  3. What lovely mandalas, so pretty.

  4. I love them. The colour combinations look so nice together.
    Lovely job!!

  5. Great colour combinations and you never can have too many mandala, after all they would get lonely by themselves!

  6. Wundersch√∂n! ♥ Ganz tolle Farben :-)


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