Wednesday, April 2, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge - Week 5

Hello my lovely Friends. It is Wednesday once again and another week, another challenge is here.

This week the challenge was to learn a new stitch. Well something I have never done was the Tunisian Basic Stitch. I had thought about learning many different times, but it never came about. This time I only made a sample, because I just don't need to start another project, as I have to many going already and I am trying very hard to limit myself and to finish what I have started already.

The Tunisian Stitch is not hard to do, but I must admit, it felt really odd at first to have such a long needle in my hand, one that wasn't a knitting needle. The first few rows I was rather clumsy at going about it, but than it got easier as the rows came along. It is certainly something I will do again and make a complete project with.

Here is the completed sample.
I did steam it, so it would lay down uncurled.

The backside looks as if it is knitted.

Have you ever tried Tunisian Crochet?
Did you like it?
And what did you make with it?

And now I will leave you with some more pictures
of Spring arriving in our neck of the woods.

And the Storm Clouds are moving in.....

Till next time.......


  1. Hi Erika... yes I have done the basic Tunisian crochet stitch.. way back in germany in home ec.. we made a purse at the time with a special Bast.. (dont know the us word for it ) something like raffia I guess but this was thicker and also shiny.. it was in purple and gold .. one of the few things I actually finished since I wasn't a home ec person at all.. yes spring is coming here too. trees are budding now so one can see also flowers starting to come out.. lovely yesterday short sleeves most of the day.. today rain and more rain and thunder.. gloomy.. but april showers bring may flowers .. hugs and till next time .. Mausie

  2. I love daffs!!!
    Lovely pictures. :)

    Yes, I tried the tunisian basic stitch just a little while ago. I really enjoyed it and then started a blanket in it, using entrelac and working in the round.
    It was really enjoyable.
    I never finished it, I just unravelled it all (as you carried the yarn with you so it was still in one piece) as it was only a practice piece.
    Good fun though.

  3. mmm I could almost smell the hyacinths! I was 3/4 complete on a very intricate tunisian afghan for my husband - I'd crocheted in a water scene, with fish, rocks, water plants, and much more. It was destroyed in a fire. still crying!

  4. Schöne Bilder und prima Teststück! Wenn es groß genug ist, kannst Du es ja vielleicht als Topflappen hernehmen. Also ich hab vor Jahren auch mal Tunesisches Häkeln ausprobiert. Fertig wurde ein Häkelnadelmäppchen, und angefangen hatte ich dann noch ein Utensilo/Korbdings. Das ist aber nie fertig geworden und ich weiß gar nicht, wo es abgeblieben ist *lach*. Also Spaß gemacht hat mir diese Technik eigentlich schon! Ich hab mir auch mal ein Buch mit verschiedenen Stichen/Mustern gekauft. Aber bisher hatte ich noch nicht den Dreh, mal wieder was Tunesisches zu machen. Kommt vielleicht noch ;-)

  5. I love daffodils! Good choice with the Tunisian crochet. I love the look of the final stitch. I might have to give that a go myself!

  6. Looks great Erika! I have yet to try Tunisian, but it is on my list. Thank you ever so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my Rosette Lampshade! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  7. Hi great challenge isn't it?...just adding everyone to my log roll.
    Never tried Tunisian for the list x

  8. Hello, This is something I am planning to try one is on my never ending list of things I want to do!!
    its a very long list.
    thank you for linking up with the mandela party on my blog
    best wishes daisy j x


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