Wednesday, April 23, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge Week 7 & Week 8

Week 7: Now that your yarn is nicely organized, make a scrappy yarn project.

Week 8: This week your challenge is to go through any unfinished projects you've had sitting around and either work it or frog it. If you don't have any unfinished projects (really?), then show us what you are working on.

Since I missed out on last weeks challenge due to my not having any internet, I thought I would combine these two weeks into one. I also thought these challenges kinda, sorta fit together anyway.

I had three colors of yarn rolled up in little scrappy balls,
 left over from other projects: white, light pink and dark pink.
So I decided to turn them into a Baby Afghan made from a giant Granny.
I had started it weeks ago, but never finished it.
So here now it is finally done, lol.

Since I don't have any babies around me currently, Pooh Bear had to
model instead.

Here Pooh Bear said he was to tired and just couldn't sit up any longer.

Pooh Bear giving you all the biggest smile he could muster.

As a finish I added a ruffle all the way around,
at which point I actually ran out of scrappy yarn.

Now to find a "Happy Baby" to give it to.


  1. Pooh looks very happy with that blanket. I love the solid granny square. A very happy baby blanket indeed.

  2. So blinkin' cute! I can't believe you finished the little blankie that fast! Whoosh!

  3. It's a lovely blanket, and the colors are very nice. Granny blankets are so much fun to make, and Pooh seems to be very satisfied too ;)

  4. Ach ist die schöön!! ♥ Herrliche Farbkombi und die Rüschenbordüre find ich ganz klasse dazu :-). Und Du bringst mich auf eine Idee. Ich hab nämlich gerade die 2. Babydecke für ein Charity-Projekt fertig und war so unschlüssig, wie ich die 3. machen sollte. Aber ich glaube, ich mach nun eine 1-Granny-Decke daraus :-). Das wär vielleicht auch was, falls Du in absehbarer Zeit kein Baby im näheren Umkreis haben solltest, das Du mit Deiner tollen Decke beglücken kannst. Wenn Du magst, schau mal hier:
    Viele liebe Grüße, Nata
    (Da fällt mir gerade ein/auf: Werden die Umlaute in meinen Kommentaren bei Dir auf dem PC eigentlich überhaupt richtig angezeigt? Oder sollte ich lieber ae, oe, ue schreiben?)


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