Friday, April 25, 2014

Blog Love Friday #6

It's Blog Love Friday and with that I am here to share 3 more blogs I love with you all. You might know of them already, but if you don't, this is a good way to get to know other wonderful Crafter's and the beautiful things they make. Enjoy! And do please leave them a nice comment, so they know you have visited.

1. My World of Crochet

This blog is in German, but she makes very pretty things and I think it is certainly worth a looksy.

Till next time......


  1. Thanks for the links! I right-clicked on My World of Crochet and was able to translate to English. She has some amazing crochet. I loved all the different colored snowflakes! So cute. Tea Cup Lane was another new one (to me) I am exploring it now.

  2. You're right, her items are so pretty!


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