Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little Something

Over the last couple of nights I got to work on this little scarf, nothing fancy mind you, just a plain knitted one. But I did love the yarn I worked with. It's Plymouth Encore Colors, colorspun #7. It's a self striping yarn and I do love the way the colors came out on this one. I know I will use this yarn again in the future. I noticed, I seem to like the yarns that come from Turkey, as they always seem very soft, cuddly and easy to work with. Think I need a direct line to where they make these yarns, lol.

Thought I also show of my two little critters. The Yorkie is Gidget and the Shit-Zhu is Seffi. They really are good company.

Now you all have a good day.....Until next time.


  1. I love that scarf, Erika. The colors remind me of oranges and lemons - I love citrus fruit. Do you know that is one of my most favorite scarf pattern to make because it works so well when you use it and it's so flexible with that stitch...I also like to knit matching hats in that same pattern...they're so warm and stretchy (comfy.)

    Your dogs are adorable...did you always have them? I thought I recall your dogs being older before - what happened? or is my memory just frozen (again) LOL (this has been happening a lot lately)

    Tschuess ;-)

  2. Nice scarf, love the bright color!

  3. Doris: Gidget is almost 10 years old and Seffi is 3. So they are not that young anymore, like me, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by


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