Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Question

Just a short post for today, just to pass along the Tuesday Question:

When either crocheting, knitting or sewing, do you make most items for yourself and family or do you give most of your projects away? And what is your favorite project to make as a gift and why?

And here is just a little peek at what I am working on right now. And before you can say it.....yes I followed the current African Flower Craze. Just couldn't help myself. They are just so beautiful and one can make so many different projects with them. More on the subject later.....


  1. I really love that African violet pattern, Erika. I've seen an afghan finished in this pattern and it looked so striking.

    To answer your question, I make most of the stuff because it pleases me at the time. Once it's finished, I either post it in my shop on Etsy and let someone buy it or I give it to a neighbor as a gift and it's usually something for the kitchen or a doll dress, i.e. paper tissue doll because I enjoy makeing pretty dresses...when I do make baby stuff, it's usually by request and really don't advertise it for Sale in my shop because the laws are getting too complicated for little kid's stuff and I don't feel like dealing with it.
    I also like crocheting bees - all sorts of bees just for fun :-)

  2. I just make what I like at the time.. most of the things I work on are to be presents for someone u know Mom, daughter ,grand daughter etc. have bought a knitting board now and making my first baby afghan on it... I do like the yarn and love the way it is workingup....


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