Friday, May 21, 2010

A Lovely Friday it is and Hello to Everyone

Hi Everyone... Thought I would just take the time to say Hello and introduce myself. I am Birgit or German like Erika but in the USA a few more years than she is..We actually met on the internet... no clue anymore on when or how but we became sisters of the heart.
I have always loved crafts but never seemed to be able to finish anything I made. Even way back when in school. Just never had the patience for anything.. then last year my crafting journey began.. Due to several health issues I became disabled at age 50 and that demon depression was doing a number on me.. Those that have health problems especially chronic ones know what I mean.
So I dug out the long purple Knifty Knitter I had bought last year at some point but just couldn't make heads or tails out of at the time and tried to follow the booklet instructions that came with it. Let me tell you it was horrible those booklets are horrible for a beginner..
So off I went to search online... Found loads of great Blogs on Looming and good instructions and videos on You tube. Don't we just love You Tube??? There is such a wealth of information out there. Anyhow I seen some real easy looking baby hats made on the little blue Knifty Knitter Loom and off I went alooming.
This Picture is my first Baby hat ever,, It was made with Red Heart yarn which is not correct but I finished it correctly I may add,,So I then bought the purple round hat Knifty knitter loom and the set of long KK looms. Anyhow I treated myself for my Birthday with the help of Hobby Lobby's 40% off coupon and bought myself the long Knitting board.... Started a baby afghan on it....

The yarn is from Hobby Lobby called Lamskins Baby Boucle a lovely variegated color.. Working up real nice.. It is slower going on the knitting board than on the KK's due to the pegs being smaller and closer together but I just love how its turning out.
I have made other things on the KK looms as in plastic bag holder, several hats both adult and childs... It calms me down to sit and loom and see something growing in front of me..
I usually listen to tv or music or audio books when I am looming.... Say what do other crafters do while intent on their craft??? Would interest me to know....Enough for today.. Wishing everyone a wonderful and happy weekend... till next time......


  1. I also got hooked on the Knifty Knitter Looms and I just love making all sorts of things with them. I only have one knitting board and it is 14" long, but I was afraid to spend the money to get a big one and then find out I didn't like doing it. I have 2 sets from Hobby Lobby that have all the sized looms in the package. I too find it very relaxing to work with, and I love audiobooks/music. Funny how great minds think alike :)

  2. I have never used a knitting loom, but it's on my "to do list" - I find crocheting (or knitting) very relaxing and I also enjoy listening to stories on CD while I work.

    As of late, I have Netflix and I sit here in my craft nook where I have everything handy, and watch a few movies while I crochet...but my most favorite thing to do is to take my crochet or knitting to outside with me, either on the porch or the park and work in daylight. I really enjoy doing that the very best.

    It's nice meeting you. Where is Erika?

  3. Hi, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog.

    Looks like you are starting up a great project there. I have seen those types of looms but have never tried working with one.

    Saw your last post on African Flowers. I just found a pattern for those and tried stitching something up this week. I used my flower for the top of a hat. Take a look at my current post and you'll see how it turned out.


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