Wednesday, May 14, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge Week #11

What kind of crocheter are you? Do you like to follow a pattern exactly as it is written? Do you like to "wing it" and make things up as you go? Are you a little of both?

Interesting Question and until now I have never thought about it much. To answer this, I got to say, it depends. There are patterns where it is best to follow them to the "T" or the whole things comes out wrong. And then there are patterns I do make changes to as I go along. So I guess my answer would have to be "a little of both". I must also say, that sometimes when you make changes, the project or craft becomes your own.

And now on to other things. I actually crocheted something other than "Mandela's". Can you believe it? The addict is taking a break and moved on to something else. But I don't think it will be for good, because I still have Mandelitis in my blood. I also want to make a Mandela to add to Lucy's (Attic 24) Yarndale project. Have you seen hers yet? If not, you need to go and take a look.

This first project I made, is a child's summer hat. It's crocheted in cotton yarn, color pink, with white trim. I haven't crocheted anything for a child in a long time and when I saw this little hat, I knew I just had to make one. I think it is so stinking cute. What you all think? The pattern I found here

Wish I could have been able to show it off on a child's pretty locks,
but there wasn't one around.

The second thing I made is a scrubby for the shower. It is also made out of cotton that I had left from another project. It took me quite some time to make it. It started out simple enough, but by the last row my fingers were hurting as the piece started winding pretty tide together. Can you believe it took a whole skein to make this? Wow is what I thought. But I do like it and I think it will be very durable.

Last I would like to show of this beautiful Amarillo that is brightening up my house.
It isn't fully open, but will be soon. Just love it's red color.

So this is it from my neck of the woods for today.
Here is hoping your day is bright and full of sunshine.


  1. Yes, I'm a "both" crocheter, too :-)
    The hat is adorable. Thanks for the link. I've made a scrubby like that, too; it works great, but takes awhile to dry. Beautiful flower :-)
    Have a terrific day!

  2. Good Morning Erika.. I am both too.. sometimes I do change things.. but not too often.. love your little hat to bad I dont have any cotton in the house.. would try to make one.. love your Amaryllis ... beautiful ... my mom used to have them .. Hope you have a great day.. rainy and stormy here today.. hugs Mausie1

  3. It's fun to change things up and make them unique, isn't it? I love the child's hat. I have a pattern where I'm actually going to make one for myself!

  4. I'm also a bit of both.
    There are times it's just best to stick with the pattern as that gives you a wonderful result but there are also times I can't resist tweeking it a bit and having fun with it.

    Love the hat, it's very cute.

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