Wednesday, May 7, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge Week #10

What was your first completed project that you made?

Well that is really kind of easy to answer. They were pot holders made out of cotton yarn. They were also not very pretty, with a bunch of holes in it and the rows very uneven. But you know, I was only around 6 years old and those little fingers just didn't work that well yet. With time came experience. I still remember giving them to my grandma for Christmas and she was all smiles and full of praise. What more could a little girl ask for?

Yesterday I made one more Mandela like coaster. This time in brown, but it looks black in the picture.

And I also made another one of the little coasters.
This time in cotton yarn to see how they would work up.
Personally I preferred crocheting them in acrylic.

So this was my little short post for today. More next time.......


  1. Ik vind je donkerbruine PRACHTIG!!!!
    Dat is ook een beetje de kleur die ik vaak pak als ik iets voor in huis maak...
    soms ben ik al die bruintinten in mijn handen zat en grijp ik opeens naar een heel andere kleur, maar weet dan vaak niet goed wat ik er mee zal doen.... Gewoon even genieten van een andere kleur, dacht je niet?


  2. That's a sweet story :-) I'm impressed you could crochet at age 6.
    Very nice projects. Why is it some colors photograph better than others?
    Have a great day!

  3. Your love of Mandalas is just a little infectious, I've really started looking out of them since I've been reading your blog. The two you've posted today are real beauties

  4. My goodness, how wonderful you crocheted at such a young age! But you know, my favorite projects are those first ones by beginners. The little holes and imperfections. It's kind of like when I look at a new baby beginning to walk. All wobbly and stiff, falling and getting up. That feeling that one gets...reliving a new and exciting time, in "new eyes" again.

  5. dat wil ik ook nog eens ooit gaan haken een mandala.
    ik heb er veel ingekleurd maar nog nooit gehaakt.
    je haakt leuke dingen!!!

  6. These are cute!! I decided to crochet a hexagon afghan for my first project. I tend to do that...go for the hard first. Thanks for sharing these!!

  7. That's so sweet to think of you crocheting as a six year old. :)
    I love the coasters, very nice.


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