Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Question and Square # 4

Another Tuesday has come around and here we are again with our Tuesday Question:

Today I am wondering about how everybody stores their crafts, yarn and other materials? Are you organized or do you keep your stuff in many different places. I am also curious if you have a dedicated area in which you craft, like a favorite chair, etc.?

I am currently redoing my own crafts room. I purchased some more clear storage containers on rollers. They can also be stacked for convenience. Also I bought myself a folding table on which to set my sewing machine and when not needed can be easily stored in the closet.

As for a comfy place to sit, I have a nice recliner in which I love to sit, when time permits (which sadly isn't often).

Square #4 is done also. As the last time I found that the yarn was to thick again. I guess I have to be more thoughful as what yarn to use, before I get started. But it is a good lesson learned.

Sorry the next picture is a little fuzzy

Weather wise it is a bit warm for this time of the year, around 70F, with storms predicted for the afternoon and coming night. We do need the rain, but I hope it won't get to bad.

Hi ho, hi ho, so off to work I go!  So I will see you lovely ladies sometime soon. You all have a good day now!


  1. Good Afternoon Erika, very pretty red square. and we are expecting storms too... yuck, january and thunderstorms and risk for tornado's just doesn't sound right .. be safe . Regarding your question I have had my crafts kind of everywhere.. in this closet, or that container and of course yarn under the bed storage container too... As I am looking to move I plan on putting all my yarn and looms and whatever other supplies I have (not much) in the same room . I have the rolling drawer containers 3 of them and a few totes I can use.. Would rather though they be in clear containers.. I will wait and see what the next month brings... Hugs from Mausie

  2. 100
    Erika dat je mijn blog volgt, ik ga vandaag de plaid verloten, mocht je hem winnen hoor je het van me, ik geef ook bij elke 10 de nieuwe volger iets weg, altijd leuk!
    Fine dag verder Tineke


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