Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something New

Today seems to be the day when I run into one issue after another. When I came home from work this morning and after I crabbed a cup of Java, I sat down in front of my lap top and was fixing to do a little browsing on Facebook and Pinterest. But guess what, nothing happened. My Internet wasn't working. Couldn't figure out why it just wouldn't come on, since the little green light on my router was blinking just fine and saying it was working. So I kept on checking the settings, etc. Still, nothing. Well come to find out, apparently my Kittie cat walked over my keyboard and turned of the Internet connection button. It took me forever to figure that out, but glad I finally did. And than some other little issues kept coming up, but hopefully they are all resolved for now. Hope it stays that way.

Over the last couple of weeks I treated myself to some new books. Even so you can find so many patterns or ideas on Pinterest these days, I still like to look at a book, check out techniques and have the reference handy when needed.

For some reason two of the pictures I took won't let me turn them so I could display them here better, but I think you can still see what they are:

I bought this book because I am planning 
on doing a little sewing in the near future.
Stayed tuned for that.

Are these dolls not just to cute?

Love this book on Borders.
It is one of my weaknesses and 
will help me immensely.

Love all the different techniques 
in this one.

Broomsticks Lace
Something I haven't tried yet either.
How about yourself?

See you all later!


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  1. Well sometimes it happens like that especially when you have Kitties that love the pc as much as we do. Mine have done that..The books look there are lots of idea's in them I hope you enjoy them. Hugs Mausie


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