Friday, January 4, 2013

Coca-Cola......An Addiction

Everybody that knows me, knows I have an addiction to everything COCA-COLA. I collect everything I can get my hands on. And boy, are there a lot of things out there. Some I can only dream about, as the price tag is just out of my league. But a girl got to dream, right? My addiction has gone as far as decorating my house around the coca-cola colors. Everything I make for myself is made with the thought in mind:" Does it fit in with it?". I always loved the color RED, so it was no big jump from there. Now everything centers around red, white and black in my house.

This is just some of my collection

Recently I restored this old bookcase. It looked pretty ruff before, 
with dog chew marks and broken pieces. Than I painted it red, of course.
After that I added a runner, which my friend Daniela gave me 
for christmas. Isn't it pretty?

Here is the Kitchen I would really, really LOVE. Maybe someday!

This is a shelf I been thinking about building for myself. Just adore it.

To finish it off, here are a few coca-cola crafts I found on Pinterest.
Some very crafty people and something I might have to try.
Love that place! Don't you?

So I was wondering now: What kind of personal addiction do you have?

Until next time my friends!


  1. no addiction sad to say...well maybe yarn....LOL,, currently I am in redbrowns with tans and mustard yellow should be red cabinets (glossy) with white all around....hmm hugs.....

  2. I'm so building that coke bottle shelf for my wife. What a great idea.


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