Monday, January 21, 2013

Link-Yourself Monday and the letter "C"

Good Morning! Another Monday has rolled around. Are you ready for the new week?

Personally I am. I usually work on weekends, so it doesn't feel like the Monday most people experience, when it's time to get back to normal after a long weekend. So off we go, fresh cup of coffee in hand.

We have had such beautiful sunshiny days over the weekend, which made me think of the coming spring. And yes I am so ready for it.

And these flowers pretty? Let them start blooming!

And now to the letter "C". Can think of a few crafty things with this letter. With that I chose "Crocheted Carpets". I can't take the credit for making them. I found them on our much loved site Pinterest. Have you ever made one of them?

Really love this red, white and black one. Would fit so nicely in my house.

Are they not very pretty?

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