Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Question and a new Square

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Today's Question is

Ponchos, weather crochet or knitted, are still totally IN. Have you all made one yet or do you have plans on making one in the future? Do you think they are practical or not really your thing?

I made one a long time ago. Wish I still had a picture of it. Currently I am thinking about making another one, but I am wondering how long they will still be in style.

Today's Square I found here . I made it in 2 colors on purpose. Where the yellow ends, you could consider it a finished square, but you could continue and make the last 2 rounds, which I crocheted in orange. I made it with regular 4-ply yarn, but it gets to big that way. So I would say it needs to be crocheted with 2-ply yarn to give it a better look.

Here now the finished product:

It looks so red on the picture, but it really was orange, lol

Now hoping you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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