Monday, January 28, 2013

Link Yourself Monday and the letter "D"

Good Morning my lovely Ladies!. Hope this finds you all well and ready for a new week.

Feeling a little bit better today myself and am planning out my upcoming week. Looks like it is going to be another really busy one. Well, I guess I can't complain about boredom. I must admit I am glad that we are having a bit of a warm-up in our neck of the woods, even if it might just be a few days.

So, today is Link Yourself Monday and I hope many of you will participate. There are so many gorgeous blogs out there and it always helps when we can find them. So go ahead, add your name to the list.

Now to the letter "D". When I thought about this letter, I saw doilies floating in front of my eyes. Do you all remember a time when we saw them in just about every house? Now you very seldom see them anymore. I must admit, I did always kind of like them. I think they can add an extra touch when needed. And these days they don't just have to be white anymore. There are so many lovely colors available. Maybe someday they will be making a comeback. You never know. Here are a few I found on Pinterest (yes, once again that popular site). I didn't see any directions for them or who made them, but they are very pretty and worth looking at.

Are they not colorful?

You all have a nice Monday now
and I will see you all soon.


  1. Oh I love the red white and blue doily,, so pretty and the red one too.. Mom used to make them mostly in white though but once some red, green and white for christmas...I am still working on the requested baby afghan and doing laundry.. Glad for the little warm up too.. I hope tomorrow gets even better... hugs Mausie

  2. I really like the pink heart one with the beautiful edging. Used a D hook for the first time this year and it was actually not intimidating!!
    Thank you for hosting your party and for your very nice blog!


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