Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

My Dear Friends!

A New Year has started and with it, we hope, many new adventures into the crafting world!

With my trusty cup of coffee in hand, I have been enjoying a quiet morning browsing through everybody's blogs and enjoying all the crafty goodness and eye candy.

Secondly I have been contemplating what kinds of crafting I would like to plan for the new year. As I have signed up for a couple of craft shows over the next few month, I know I need to get busy. Hope you come along for this crafty ride.

I had planned on showing you and posting about a wonderful afternoon I spend weaving with my friend Ms. G before the end of the last year, but never did get around to it. Ms. G has this great big weaving loom on which she makes place mats, towels, rugs and more. I have always been curious about it, but I didn't think I could do it. It looked very complicated to me. So she decided to let me have a go at it. Now I have to say, she had already set up the loom with it's many strings. From what she tells me, it is the hardest part of the job, and I can see why.

Sadly you can't see all the strings on this pictures as it was to dark in the room

You have to watch yourself after every row to keep the same tightness

Here you can see some of the many strings involved in the process

This is the end of my place mat. She later took it of the loom and finished it off for me. 
Will try and get another pictures for you all later of the finished product.

At was a fun afternoon making this, but I got to say I was a bit on the sore side the next day. You do move your upper body (arms & shoulders) a lot. Also my legs hurt a bit from moving the paddle at the bottom of the loom to change the direction of the string.

But I am so HAPPY with the outcome!

This is where I will close for today, but hope to see you on the flip side. Enjoy your first day of a fresh new year!

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