Friday, January 25, 2013

Something Purple

Good afternoon my Lovelies!

Look what jumped off my needle today. It's kind of purple. No it is not Barney, the purple dinosaur, whom I must say, I was never a big fan of. But this is for a special girl, that just absolutely loves the color Purple. 

She loved mine so much, so that I sat down and made her one as well. An I-Pad case.....

I made this one a little different from my own

and than I added a flower

and a little Heart button

Well, what do you all think?
Did it come out alright?

And now on to my next project....
It will be made out of the bellow colors.
What do you think it will be?
Any guesses?

Now I would love to wish you all a 
good weekend!
Relax, enjoy and smell the flowers!


  1. pretty case and colors.. I do like your case too dont know if I told you that.... love the little buttons and all... hmm a pillow for the next project??? hugs

  2. Leuke blog, ik ga je volgen,

  3. Adorable! I've just started knitting and hope to try crochet soon too. I've got a way to go before I make more than a scarf but I'm glad for your lovely inspiration!

  4. Cute! I love the purple and the green!


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