Monday, October 10, 2011

Scarf Frenzy

Yep, I am still here. Been working hard on finishing a bunch of projects (and I mean a Bunch of Projects). Not only did I have quite a few orders that needed finishing, but I also managed to sit down and sew in the ends of many  items that have been put on the back-burner. I don't know about the rest of you, but sewing in strings is still and most likely always be, my least favorite thing to do. I can knit or crochet for hours, but sew in a string.....I make a big circle around it and avoid it like the pest. But as we all know, that if we want to ever show it off or maybe give it as a gift, we have to finish it. And this time I was determined and did it. Felt much better afterwards too. I had that feeling of satisfaction. You know that feeling don't you? 

Seems I am still on a scarf kick. I think it has something to do with it getting cooler around here and more Fall-like. Got to be ready for the cold to come, as much as we might not like it to. Have a few more I need to finish. Maybe than I will move on to some shawls.....haha, what you think?

Here now what I have finished:

For now have a wonderful day and we will see each other again soon or so I hope!


  1. I love these! Have you made them as gifts? If so, I'm sure they'll be well appreciated.

    Lovely work.


  2. I love these scarves, especially the red, yellow, and black one! I'd love for you to share these and any other crochet projects at my link party Submarine Sunday. It's open until Friday @ 11:59pm. I hope you'll stop by!



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