Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Happy, Hoppety Easter"


Hope you have an Easter holiday that turns out egg-xactly the way you want.

Hip hop, hippety hop
My “Easter Bunny” went off to the shop,
He bought me an egg and lots of chocs
And packed them into a cardboard box.
Then he wrapped it with paper and shiny string
It really was such a pretty thing.
Disaster struck when I opened the door-
He slid across the parquet floor,
He went round the corner and past the stairs
And finished up in a pile of chairs.
Of the Easter goodies not a trace,
He’d thrown them into my fireplace!
So a warning before you go opening doors
Make sure your “Bunny” has non-slip paws!


  1. A very Happy Easter to you and thanks for joining my blog.

  2. Happy Easter Erika - loved the happy, hoppety poem:) xxx

  3. I had a quiet peaceful day. It was wonderful. Hope yours was as well.


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