Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Question

Is it really Tuesday already again? Why is it, that the older you get, the faster the time seems to fly? So I guess we better enjoy Life to the fullest why we can, huh?

I like to sing, I like to hum,
people say - I've been in the rum.
I like to laugh, I like to grin,
people think I was drinking again.
I tell a story or laugh at a joke,
all I had was a nice cold coke.
The happiness and joy that I display,
is just because I'm made that way.
Don't need things to give happiness a start,
all I need lives right in my heart.

Ok.....Now....Drum roll please.......

We have our winner to the give-away.


Doris were our 50th person to leave a comment. Congratulations...well done!

Now, please get in touch with me and I will send it shortly. Thanks also for being such a good friend!

We will announce a new give-away in the next few days and we hope that you will all participate.

And now on to the Tuesday Question:

Over this last weekend I did a lot, and I mean a lot of browsing through every bodies blogs, weather they were American, French, German, English, Spanish or Dutch. WOW, there are just so many beautiful blogs out there in Blog land. Can tell you, I became a follower to many of them. I found many different styles in writing, picture taken and of course the crafts themselves. 

Now I am curious to find out, what do you look for when picking out the blogs you follow. Is it the craft itself? Or is the writing? Do you enjoy looking at all the pictures? What characteristics impress you the most? Does it matter what language they are in? Are you also looking at blogs that have nothing to do with crafting of any kind?

Looking forward to reading your answers. For now have a nice evening and enjoy life!


  1. Oh, wow, what a surprise. Thank you Erika :-)

    When I decide to follow a blog it's usually the style of writing and also the content. I like a bit of variety and enjoy blogs from other countries to see how they live. I LOVE photos and don't like to read too much. It's ok sometimes, but when you're following 80 - 90 blogs and each person writes a short novel, it can get tiring... generally I like short, to the point with lots of photos.
    Have a nice evening,


  2. Hi Erika! Thanks for visiting my blog today! In answer to your question I would say that is a tough one. I have a lot of blogs that I go to, and I seem to have more time to visit and blog in winter than in summer. I enjoyed looking at blogs in every language, but especially German as it has really helped me a lot to brush up on it! I enjoy seeing crafts people do as I like it too (just not enough time lately!) I really like gardens, seeing what people do and plant all over the world which is fantastic that one can do it blogging. Photos I love, writing, well I do write long ones too so what can I say!

  3. Hello Erika,
    I found you as my new Follower.
    thank for reading my blog, hope you will always have fun there.
    Hope to hear a lot from you
    Doris from Hamburg


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