Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday everybody. Are we ready for the week ahead?

The weekend was quiet around my house. The high and almost intolerable temperatures continued and nobody really wanted to leave the house unless they just absolutely had to. We had originally planned on going to Arkabutler Lake and do a little swimming, running our boats and have a little picnic, but did change our minds in the end and decided to postpone it to a somewhat cooler weekend, when the heat index is not 106F. The one thing we couldn't get out of, was to go and feed the horses in the barn, but we did that real, real early.

Now that isn't to say we didn't have a nice weekend, because we did. Cooking was done in the crock pot, as not to heat up the house. We also watched a variety of movies, one of them being "The Book of Eli", which we highly recommend. Personally I also watched a couple of nice German TV movies, which I enjoyed very much.

Guess what? I also got some hooking time in. Can you believe it? Well lately it always seems amazing to me when I can fit in some hooky time, but I am so glad.

Remember the project I was working on? The one, where I said I wanted you all to guess? Well, you all are never going to believe what happened. The ones who guessed it was going to be a purse, were correct. Now, I finished all the body parts and was working on the handle, when of all things, I ran out of yarn. The horror of it, lol. Me, actually running out of yarn? Never thought that would happen. I was also real sure that I had enough yarn before I got started, but you can all see where that assumption let me. So for now I have to put this project on hold and wait when I am able to get to the store with that particular yarn. The problem is, the only one of it's kind is 2 hours away and not exactly in a direction I go often. Well, hopefully I won't have to put it off for to long. Am trying to talk my friend into going on a little trip there with me.

Not to worry so, I had another project planned and have plenty of yarn for this one. I will be making a shawl for a very special friend of mine. When you see the following pictures you might think the yarn is blue, but it is actually turquoise. For some reason, not matter how I tried, the color was not coming out on camera.

Love the way this project works up and is moving along quit nicely. Think I will have it done within a couple of days. Will show it off at that time.

For now I will bit you all a great Monday evening and we shall meet soon again!


  1. Oh, I love that pattern and the color is fantastic - I'm working with the same blue right now - what is it called: Peacock blue? I forgot, but I love it.

    Same here with the heat. We get out at dawn and that's about it for the rest of the day, but I do get a lot of crocheting done...and Gizzy's sleeping his life away ;-)

  2. I Love that pattern. It's beautiful. I am in a kind of "crochet rut" right now. With school and during the day and watching my 8 month old grandbaby at night so my daughter can go to school, I don' t have too much time for crocheting. So I find that when I do have time, I can't decide on what to make. I am working on a few small things, but it's like I ain't feeling it... Guess everyone goes through stages like that?

  3. I love the pattern. The shawl is so beautiful. =)

    Here it is hot, too. But it is summer... And i love summer. I´m a "summerchild". ;o)

    Have a wonderful week.

    Many smiles and lovely greets,

  4. Love the shawl pattern! The turquoise is lovely and strong and shows up the stitches beautifully. I'm more into crochet right now too although I have been away from my blog longer than I intended this month!! Love the new link tool! elaine x

  5. Liebe Erika, Thank you so much for your visit and your sweet words on my blog!! The shawl you are making is gorgeous! And I can just imagine the rich turquoise color. I had the same problem with scanning my painting - her jacket is actually a beautiful turquoise, but it did not want to scan that way. Weird... and a little frustrating. Wishing you a most wonderful Tuesday! Liebe Gruesse, Silke

  6. Wow great color on the shawl... love that turquoise. Same here pretty much staying in. heat index not as high as yours but here in south texas heat and humidity is something we deal with all the time. here its Ozone watches all the time.....
    I am really close in finishing my baby afghan. other than that as you know we are packing or rather I am packing hubby is rennovating the trailer we are moving into. If they would only get the AC working in it... thats the main hold up.
    Hugs Birgit - aka Mausie


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