Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Question and a Gift in the Mail

"Happy Tuesday" everybody. Our thermostat hit the 100F mark for the last few days. Yikes...... Is it that hot in your neck of the woods? I'm normally not one to complain, but I got to admit, this is killing me. Seems like since hitting 50 I can't handle this kind of heat as well as I used to. Here in the south the humidity does not help, but makes it feel even hotter. Hard to believe summer just started and it's only June. These are the kind of temperatures we usually get in August. Really hope that doesn't mean we will have that hot of a summer, as I really love the outdoors.

Well....I did have a nice and wonderful surprise in the mail today, one I was Lucky enough to actually win. I was the 100th Follower at Molly's blog ( Crocheting my Best with my Worsted ) and because of it received this lovely book, 24-Hour Crochet Projects by Rita Weiss ,shock full of things I am sure to try. What a wonderful gift to get and how appreciated. Thank you so much again Molly....You made my day! Hope you get to mark 200 Followers real soon and continued success with your craft and your blog.

Here a little reminder of the give-away I have on my blog. Check out here what you got to do and what you get. Good Luck!

Now to our weekly Tuesday Question:

What new yarn have you discovered of late, that you find irresistible and you can't do without? What kind of Projects do you use it for? Could you also tell us where to find it?

Now that's it for me today. You all have a lovely and cool evening! Till next time....tahdah


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Best of all it lead me to YOURS!

  2. personally I love the lion brand ,vanna's and also Deborah norville yarns... also right now the baby boucle that I am using on my knitting board for a baby blanket.. it really works well on the knitting board and its very soft.. I use only yarn made in USA, Canada, or Europe. I will not use any yarn from China.. due to all their issues in colors and the recalls that have been made for products made in China. my personal preference. My baby afghan is almost done... couple more rows I think then I can take it off. will post a pic once done... in the middle of packing since we are moving up the road into a larger trailer. finally . Can't wait....
    anyhow love the pictures of your flowers... gorgeous colors..... till next time...


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