Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Question, an Idea and playing around

Once again we have come around to Tuesday and with that, the Tuesday Question. For a while I went blank today and wondered what I could ask. You know how it is, sometimes the more we are looking for something, the less we do it. So I decided to walk away from it for a while and than come back, hopefully with a noteworthy question. Not so easy, I tell you. Because of that, I decided we needed to do something new here and would like to ask for your all's HELP. I think it would be interesting to also post YOUR Questions here. What do you think? Would any of you be interested in that? If you are, send me an e-mail with your Question and I will post one question every Tuesday, with your name and the name of your blog. Here is my e-mail: .

Here now to this weeks Tuesday Question:

Now that it is already June again and with that half the year gone already (wow, hard to believe, isn't it?), have you already thought ahead to the next Christmas holiday? Or when do you start thinking about making things? Do you make a list with every body's names and what you will gift them, or do you make things randomly for them? What determines what you make? Do you make mostly little gifts or sometimes something big as well?
Well I am looking forward to hearing some answers from you.

Otherwise today was on the slow side for me. With this heatwave outside, I am limiting myself to going outdoors in the early morning hours. So with that, I went to feed the horses early today and than hightailed it home. The heat seems to bother me so much more now in my 50's, as it did in prior years. I have been feeling tired for the last couple of days, as if someone sapped the strength out of me. Because of that, I have been taking it easy.

Today I decided to take a little time to finally play around with the new Picasa 3. It's like a new toy you can't stop playing with. Here is my first attempt:

Haha, it came out so scrambled. I realized right than and there, that this will take a little learning and playing with. But that is the fun of it, isn't it? Looks like this will be a worthwhile program to have and I am looking forward to, to making many nice collages in the future.

Still wishing you all a nice evening and we will see you soon!!

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  1. Since this is the first year I really am crafting I am thinking about christmas presents but not sure yet as to what to make... Have some ideas floating around in my brain but its mostly smaller items. Figured since I am still learning and there for slow in some things small stuff is good. Also am trying to find out for instance the kitchen colors of my daughter and daughter in law to make some scrubbies, plastic bag holders and pot holders for them for christmas. other than that if I can find out the fave colors of my grand kids they will each get some hats ,scarfs and if I can figure out mittens the matching ones also. Since they live in indiana and I am in texas and I do not see them often due to distance and my health issues its sometimes hard to find things out since they are growing like little weeds of course and their fave's change all the see ya soon.......hugs


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