Thursday, June 24, 2010

Memory Lane

Hallo Dear Friends,

For some reason I have been going down memory lane over the last few days. Can't really explain why and what brought it about, but there it is.

As some of you know, I was born and raised in Germany and came to live in the USA as an adult. I've actually lived here now longer than over there, so you wouldn't think that I would miss that much from there,  but I do. Thought I would show you some of those things and share memory lane with you.

This is  Kassel (where I was born) and the Herkules (Herkules is the statue on top of this old castle). As a child my grandparents would take us all the way to the top. The view was amazing. In the summertime you will see water cascading down these steps, ending in a pool on the bottom. What a site to see. All the way around is forest areas, where you can just walk, have picnics and enjoy nature. There are many old trees my cousin Martina and I have climbed in this area, as we were just like two tomboys with no fear. As for the can just imagine.

I also miss these.....Outdoor Cafe's. How many hours did we linger over a good cup of coffee and some strawberry cake? Here we would debate current events, talk about just everyday life and just plain enjoy sitting in the fresh air. It was always a place where friends would linger.

Johannisbeeren .....or how you call them here: Currents. My grandma's garden were filled with them in the summertime. She would make marmelade and wonderful pie's with them. Personally I always thought they were best eaten right of the bush.

Big Farmers markets: We bought all our fruit and vegetables from here. Except for wintertime, I don't ever remember not having flowers sitting on the tables around the home.

Fachwerkhaeuser: Old fashioned german architecture. To me this style of building has so much character and look homier to me.

Flower boxes on the windows. Don't you think they are beautiful and add so much character?

Hand painted Art on homes ......

The below picture is of a motel my grandparents owned until they passed on. The building on the right has been added till than. Across the street was a huge garden where the guest could enjoy sitting about, enjoying their morning coffee or just watch their children play by the little pond. How many a frog was not safe from us children, lol. The area was called Bad Waldeck and was near a lake called Edersee which also had a huge dam. It's an area for summer enjoyment like boating, sailing and swimming. Nearby was also Schloss (Castle) Waldeck and a big Tourist attraction. Oh the stories I could tell of all the trouble my cousins, siblings and I got into.

The End....

Thanks for coming along on this little trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoyed it a little bit and won't be bored when I return down this lane a few more times along the way.

Wishing you All a wonderful day, filled with sunshine, family and friends, and "Craftiness".


  1. Hallo Erika, ein herzliches Willkommen als neue Leserin meines Blogs.
    Ich bin nie in Kassel gewesen, aber dieser Blick zum Herkules ist spektakulär.
    Ich glaube ich würde oft Heimweh haben, wenn ich weit wegzie´hen würde.
    Aber oft bewundere ich auch den Mut, wenn Menschen etwas völlig Neues anfangen
    liebe Grüße

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Erika! I'm hoping for just a simple day with the family. I don't need anything else. :)

    Loved looking at your pics of Germany. I haven't been there in ages. Brings back memories of when I was over visiting family when I was little. My mom is from outside of Schweinfurt.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Posted for Adele Lightner

    Hello Erika:
    How you made me homesick for my Rheinland, and birthplace, Bonn. I too miss it so much, there is so much left of the old, Konigswinter, Linz, I will post some pics from the time I had taken my grandson Tristan. I always love going back there.
    You are so good in building these web sites; makes me wish you lived near by.... See More
    Thank you for sharing your story, and boy oh boy, the stories I could tell of my childhood, and the trouble we would get in. But, it was honest fun, at times cruel in terms of what we did with frogs, or spiders.

  4. good to meet you erika......germany looks fabulous,will add to my places to see at some more point (do children ever seriously leave home!)


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