Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Question and a short Trip

Hallo Friends!    Did you all know that knitting for an hour burns 102 calories? I wonder how fast you would have to knit, lol.

Tuesday Question: What is the best way to weave in the ends of the yarn? I have crocheted for years and am still not sure. I have heard and been shone many different ways, but would really like to know which way is best so nothing unravels at a later time. So How do you all do it?

Last week Thursday, my friend D. ask me to take a little trip with her to Jackson, Mississippi, where she had to take care of some personal business, but as it is a 3 hour ride, she wanted some company. Well seeing that I just Love to travel anywhere, I could not resist and went along. We had a lot of fun together, just chatting and singing silly to some country songs on the radio. After she finished her business, we decided to make a little tour through downtown to see something new. We ended up at the State building, which neither of us had seen on previous visits. It's a beautiful old building and we decided to also check out the inside. It was certainly worth the visit.

Here a view of the outside of the State Capitol:

And here a look on the inside:

Isn't this old water fountain beautiful?

 This was at the Governor's office.....wonder if he was home???

 We also walk to another floor, where the Supreme Court was located. Now we can say we have been to the Supreme Court. We are just glad it wasn't for something serious.

We signed the big book at the Governor's office, and with that we signed ourselves into the history books.

This picture of the round tower within the building, doesn't do it justice. The way the light was showing through it, was just brilliant. Actually the architecture of this old house was gorgeous and one could feel the history of it just walking in it's walls.

All in all, I was very glad I went along for the ride. It was a beautiful and fun day with a nice friend.

Now I will bit you all farewell and hope we see each other again soon. "Happy Hooking" to you All!!


  1. What a fun trip you had. I love exploring new cities and historical places. You took some very nice photos.

    I weave in my ends by taking a blunt needle and weave trough the thread so it's the least visible(especially not on the right side) and then go back and weave it through again the opposite way so that if it pulls, it won't slip out.
    I bet there's a You-Tube tutorial for that too - when ever I need to know how to do something, I go to You Tube and so far I've always found it. I think it's easier if someone shows it to you. Good luck!

  2. Hi Erika! I do love to see the pics of your travels:)Looks a stunning building.

    In crochet, I hide the ends as I go. When I start hooking with the new colour, I lay the old end across the top chain of the work and literally crochet over it. It will show a little on the back but it holds really well - does that make sense? It would look the same if you were weaving it in later but this way, I'm doing it as I go so I don't have all that finishing to do at the end!

    In knitting, I usually take a blunt ended needles and thread the ends in on the back as inconspicuously as possible. I do change direction like Doris suggested or put an occasional little back st in there to stop slipping - whatever works and holds it in place without being that visible.

    I have seen people knit the ends in along with the new thread as being actually knitted into the structure means that sucker isn't going anywhere! But this does give you a few stitches of double thickness which may or may not be visible depending on the thickness of yarn you are using. If anyone uses this technique a lot, I'd love to hear their method as it would be a good one to master!

  3. An hours knitting = 102 calories? Wow! In theory, I should be stick thin by now....:-) elaine xx

  4. Hi Erika...
    Thanks for stopping by and leading me to your Crochet blog!!!!!
    Looks like you had a great little excursion and learned some historical things!
    Wonder if the calorie burn is the same for knitting???Lol
    I do a lot of that!
    Was fun to look through your previous posts.
    I love your crafty folks!
    Keep up the great work ...I'll be peeking in on you,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...


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