Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Dream

Good Morning everybody!

Last night I had a dream about my grandmother and it was so vivid, so that I can remember many little details. My Grandma was the BEST. And ohhh how I miss her. She is the one who had the grace and patients to teach a child how to knit, crochet and sew. My grandma was a seamstress and during World War II she fixed the uniforms of soldiers and afterwards she made beautiful clothe for people and also her family. As a child I never wore anything that she didn't make herself. My most memorable dress she made, would be my Confirmation dress. I am not sure why, but that one sticks out the most. I remember feeling so grown-up in that dress. Well in my dream I was knitting a sweater and she kept on making me open it back up and telling me that I needed to do better and more consistent with my stitches. Now, I haven't knitted a sweater in ages and it surely makes me wonder about what this dream could possibly mean. Is she trying to tell me, that it is about time that I try my hand at it again? I believe that dreams are symbols of the supcontious mind and that they try to tell us things, but figuring out what they mean is not always easy. What is your opinion on that? 

Today is going to be Inventory day at my online store. Can't hardly wait, umph umph! But it is ohh so necessary. Next week I will have bunch of new yarn available and before that I need to get organized. How fun! I am looking forward to trying out some new yarn again and it seems it is also helping me get back to the hook and Needles.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to look at flooring. We saw many nice things and now have to make a choice. I know I do not want carpet in my house again. For one it is hard to keep clean with shedding dogs, second I seem to not have the allergy problems like I used to when I had a house full of carpet. Thank goodness there are now so many more options. I think I love the hardwood look the most. Will let you know what I decide on. Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the paint store. I am really looking forward to that. Just love to look at all the beautiful colors available. All in all things are slowly coming together and moving forward. We are also really getting settled in. I have to say: There is no place like HOME.

Thought I would also share something with you all:


Now aren't they great? Have you ever made anything like that? Or would you be interested in making something like that in the future? I have some nice patterns available and could share them with you, if interested. Let me know, okay?

Now I say toodles and puffff, I'm gone for today. Make it a good one!!

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  1. love the little crocheted it sound like things are coming together for you..Am so glad of that...looking at flooring and paint is so much fun...I am working on my little loom projects looking for a nice and easy pattern for baby booties right now... lets see what I find.. Hope to see more of your story soon....Happy fixing up and crafting....


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