Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Ramblings

And a "Happy" Sunday to you all! Hoping you have a wonderful weekend so far.

It has been a very busy last 5 days for me. Going through my things, trying to find what I am
The first two days after arriving here, back in Mississippi, all I wanted to do is sleep and sleep some more. I guess I didn't realize how much I had exhausted myself the two weeks before I came here. So far I spent lots of time with my friends catching up on the last couple of years. Also had 2 job interviews. One with a German Restaurant here, the other with a brand new Joann's  that just opened up. I love the idea of going to work for Joann's. For one I would be teaching what I love, second I would get to be around other crafters that might inspire me. Have to go back on Tuesday to talk to them again.. Would you all please wish me Luck?
One of my girlfriends here also took me to our favorite restaurant named Hunan, which serves chinese food. They have the best buffet of any place like that I know. We have gone there since it opened 10 years ago and even made friends with the owner. You could say we went there a lot, couldn't you?

The weather has been springlike since I been here. For this reason we have also spent loads of time outside. My friend has a bunch of horses, which I just love. When I was a kid my dad raised horses and I loved them ever since. Over all these years I had not had the opportunity to be around them much and until the other day, visiting the horses of my girlfriend, I didn't realize how much. So I have to spent time with them now and enjoy that I can be around them once again. My girlfriend also gave me the biggest gift, my own one year old foal, named Storm. She is just beautiful. She is white. For the moment she still has her winter coat. Now I really want Spring to come so I can be out there and enjoy her the way she should be enjoyed.

This is me with one of the horses

Storm is the one on the right

Otherwise I been also doing lots of walking around the old neighborhood, playing with the dogs and just trying to relax and recover from all the stress. One doesn't realize how much a move can wear us out, especially when you get older.
Sorry to say I have not done much crafting since I have been here. To tired and just couldn't get into it yet again. It will come with time. I did buy myself two magazines for crocheting this week and saw many beautiful, inspiring things in them.

I like these pillows and am thinking about making them in my color palette.

The other thing I am interested in making in the near future, are some dog collars for my little buddies, like these:


Lately I have been thinking about dressing up my little girl doggies. Am I crazy, or what? Am I embarassing my little four-legged friends? Some would say yes. I guess it is in the eyes of the beholder.
At the moment I am sitting here, looking out of the window at the pouring rain and wishing for this:

Boy I can hardly wait for that. The thought of warmer and nicer days gives me joy beyond believe. Can't wait to see the first flowers shows their little heads out of the ground. Can't wait for the smell of that first fresh cut grass. Hope it comes soon.
Also while I am sitting here, I am thinking about the new week ahead and all the things I want to be doing. I do know that I have to get back to some kind of routine. Hopefully I can buy the paint for my new place this coming week and start painting in my new little mother-in-law house. I am so excited about all that. It will be so fun to look at color samples and choosing what I want my new home to look and feel like.So many great ideas are zooming around in my head. Not to worry, I will share them with you all as we go along. Any tips from you all will be welcome also. So chip right in.....
Otherwise it has been so much fun being back in familiar surroundings.  I had almost forgotten how it felt to spend time with friends you really care about and  just  talk the time away. Not that I didn't make friends in Alabama, but nothing has felt like Home. Now I feel happier and more content than I felt in quite a long time.
Must say, I have needed that.
Ok gotta run now again... Dogs need and demand some attention. Will post again soon with more updates and hopefully some better pictures. Till than.....Take Care!


  1. You are so full of sunshine and delight, even under the hardest of times, I am awarding you the Sunshine Award! You are a friend to the furry (like Paula and I and others) and have had your work cut out for you - but always so sweet and cheerful!

    Come to my site and pick it up if you dare! ;o) Not as easy as it looks - but fun, and a good way to get to know others!!!

  2. this was a lovely ramble.. loved the horse pic.. I love horses.. makes me want to move to the country and live on a farm.,.. I am sure once you get settled you will be up and adams with your crafts again but as I know you once warm temps are there then you will be outside more than in... Have a wonderful week.....


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