Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Question

Good Morning and "Happy Tuesday" everybody. Much to my dislike we are having a rainy day and it is still rather cold out with temps in the lower 30's. Where has my sunshine gone? We had such a nice weekend, with temps in the lower 50's. It made me think of spring and my heart went skippy skip because of it.

The last few days have been busy for me, but it was all good. On Saturday I went on a River-run with my girlfriend M. You all wondering what a River-run is, right? Well it is my girlfriends business. She drives people from the airport or home to their destination on the river, where they get on their perspective boats or better said, Barges. Or she goes and picks them up and takes them the other way. Sometimes they are just short trips, but there are times she takes them from Memphis to Little Rock, or Kentucky, Illinois or other places. Those are the drives I love to go on with her. That is when I get to see new and exciting things and new places. This was my first trip with her again, after coming back to this area and it was something I missed when I was gone and in Alabama. This time it was only a short ride from Memphis airport to Arkansas and back, but it was nice to get out and see the mighty Mississippi River again. Here are a couple of pictures I took and I would like to share with you:

This last one is a view of Memphis from a moving vehicle

In the future I will most likely share more pictures with you of my little trips and hope that you will enjoy my sharing them with you.

Sunday was a beautiful warm and sunny day around here. It felt like spring was just around the corner, with temps inching up to 60F. We enjoyed the day by doing some work in the yard and letting the dogs run around, play and enjoy themselves. The evening was spend with watching the end of another olympic game and by my actually finally picking up my hook and yarn again, and actually doing some work on one of my afghans that I have been working on. Here a little preview:


It is made from the rounded ripple pattern, that you can find at Attic24 . I must say that this has become one of my favorite patterns for such an afghan. It is so easy to follow and works up quickly.

I also pulled some sock yarn from my own store inventory and am contemplating starting a pair of socks, which I have been planning on for some time. How you like the colors?


Monday was also a busy day. First of it was my girlfriend M's. birthday and I took her out for breakfast at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) and a place she likes. After that we decided to check out the new Yarn shop in town, called Hank of Yarn. This is the first such store in the area and I am excited to finally see such a store here. Before you could only find your yarn at Wal-Mart and as most of you know, they don't have much of a selection and than mostly only Red Heart yarn (Super Saver). It was fun to go browsing through all the different yarns and ohhhh they had such lovely patterns books and magazines. I could have probably spend a whole day there, just browsing and meeting the nice ladies sitting around  a big table knitting and crocheting away. But that will also happen in time. I found out they have a knitting / crocheting group every Thursday night, where anybody can come and join in the fun. I already know that I will spend some of my free time doing just that. Here a few pictures of that:


Wow....have I had something to tell today? All in all I guess I am just plain happy and exciting of being back here in MS. and feeling back at home. The days have become exciting and fun again.

Ok, now it is time for our "Tuesday Question":

What is your all-time favorite yarn and why? Also a second question: Do you belong to a knitting or crochet group and what do you enjoy the most or the least with it?

Ok, this is me winding down and coming to the end of my little long report, lol. Please enjoy the rest of your day and we will see each other real soon.

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  1. You sound very happy to be home Erika - I am so glad:-) I love the photos of your trip and getting to see a part of someone else's world. I think I'll be looking forward to your next road trip too:-))

    Do I have a favourite yarn? To be honest, I can't usually afford the nice brand names like malabrigo but I'd love to be able to try all of them out just to see what I'd prefer to use if I had the ready cash! Ideal yarn would be something soft to the touch that doesn't pill or wear out too quickly and dyed in a heavenly range of colours. Maybe I should get a job in a yarn shop so I can sample the merchandise:-))

    I don't actually go to any yarn groups but maybe that's because I don't have any yarn shops locally. I wish I did as just the look of your shop gives off those cosy knitting vibes!! Comfy sofa, needles and yarn at the ready with people who actually know where you are coming from and have heard of a Baktus scarf, Ravelry, yarn harlot and the infamous clapotis:-)))


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