Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Question and Sunshine Award

Well Hallo my friends on this cold, but wonderfully sunny Tuesday.

Isn't life exciting? That's how I have been feeling of late. Everything is full of possibility and adventure. Even at my age you can still stir up that kind of excitement and isn't it just wonderful? It really does make a difference when we get up in the morning with a positive attitude. It makes the day go smoothly and we can accomplish much more. I always have had the attitude, that if you walk around with a smile on your face, people are more likely to respond with a smile back. Cheerfulness rubs off. What do you think?

Yesterday I got a big surprise and I could hardly believe my eyes.....yeah! Do you want to know what it was? You say yes? Should I tease you a while or tell you? Well okay than.....It might not be a big thing for everybody, but for a newcomer like me to the blogging world, it was major exciting. Cat from Learning & Loving Crochet gave me a Sunshine Award. Isn't that Special? I really think so. She told me I was full of sunshine and delight, even under the hardest of times. Wow.....who would have thought. Here is my little award:


I just love it and am so Happy that someone thought me worthy. Thank you very much CAT.

She also passed this award on to 11 other people. In return I was ask to pass it on to 12 cheerful people that I think deserving. How cool is that? Personally I think there are many, many fantastic crafter's out there, who deserve recognition for their fantastic work.

So, below you will find the guidelines and names of lots of neat and wonderful people, and what they need to do when they (hopefully) accept this award.  This is sort of like a way to get people to check us out, I think!

The Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positive and creativity inspires others in the blog world. The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award to 12 bloggers.
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award. it goes:
  1. Lucy @ Attic24 . Lucy has been one of the most inspiring people to me. Her plain cheerfulness change a cloudy day into sunshine.
  2. Cat @ Learning & Loving Crochet . You need to check out her beautiful afghans. She is a very talented and cheerful person. She deserves more than a quick looksy at her blog.
  3. Christina @ Crafty Christina . She has a wonderful way about sharing her daily ups and downs with us. To top that of, I think she is wonderfully talented.
  4. Doris @ Crocheting in Georgia . She is german like me and has a possitive attitude. Her creations are often different to what you see on other blogs and I very much enjoy that side of it.
  5. Vanessa @ Do you mind if I knit . Vanessa is another one of those cheerful and upbeat people that I just love to follow on a daily basis. Was oh so happy when I found her in my early searches for blogs I would enjoy and read most often.
  6. Pammy Sue @ Scottys Place . She is real and down to earth and her daily tails about life and crocheting are fun to follow.
  7. Debra @ Hooks, Yarns and Family . I just saw that she has already received this award from somebody else, but I believe she is worth a second one.
  8. Janie @ Janie Crow . You should really go check out her wonderful ideas as they are very inspiring.
  9. Dillpickle @ dillpickle unfinished . She enjoys many different crafts and is very talented.
  10. Fairyglade @ The Snowy Fairyglade . Come and check out her wonderfully crafty and cheerful blog she shares of her daily life.
  11. Tania @ tanskiknits . One of the many english blogs I love to read and follow. Tania like me has experienced her bad times, yet always tries to stay cheerfull and upbeat.
  12. Elaine @ La Belle Helene . Last, but most certainly not least Ms. Elaine. You should check out this cheerful and positive blogger. She has left many a lovely comment on my blog and has inspired me to continue writing my own blog. Thank you Elaine!
Oh wow, it took me a while to put this list together. Sometimes it amazes me how fast time passes. Before you know it, it is evening and the day gone. So far I haven't even left a comment on all these peoples blogs and sorry to say has to wait til the morning, when I have a little more time. In the meantime, go check out all these lovely blogs and leave them a cheerful comment yourself to make their day.

Here now to the Tuesday Question:

As I was reading a news article the other day, I came across one that talked about Graffitti Art (pieces that are knitted or crocheted and hung on trees or other monuments for everyone to see) made by knitters and crocheters. I have heard of that in the past, but had not looked into it further at the time. From what I understand it is becoming a bigger movement in the Europian Countries.

Would you participate in such an event or even do something like that on your own? Would you have the guts? Or do you find that this littering and unfitting a crafter? If you have already participated in something like that, tell us about it and how it came about and what people thought.

Well Folk, that is it for today from my Neck of the Woods. I have now run out of steam, lol. Hope to chat with you all some more tomorrow and will also make the rounds of all your lovely blogs to leave comments and hopefully cheer you up. Till than....TahTah


    1. Thank you so much for nominating me for a sunshine award!!Goodness, that has really made my day;-)))I've never had one before - this is so cool!! Thank you! I'll have to sit down and think of 12 sunshiney bloggers now:-)

    2. Hello Erika (surprise, surprise, I made it in.)

      I love your shamrocks/clovers. Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day? I appreciate your nominating me (even though I don't think I really deserve it) but I don't know 12 other people to nominate. That's why I don't do awards, but I do appreciate your thinking I desreve it.

      In answer to your question on your post about Graffiti art in knitting or crochet, No, I have never heard of it, nor would I participate in it and not because I don't have the courage, I don't belive in "littering" nature's beauty with man-made things.

      I can kind of see painting on walls that are man-made, but would not appreciate it on natural mountains and rocks and hanging potholders or any other types of yarn on a tree seems to me too much like littering. I'm surprised Germany allows that. They are so neat! What is it exactly people knit or crochet, like amigurumis or potholders or what? I will have to search into it. I would probably take it off if I saw it hanging there on a pretty tree. I'm not even sure it would be save for wildlife. They could unravvel it and get tangled up in it - not my idea of art at all.

      How long ago did this trend start and what European countries do that? I believe man has made his mark on this earth too much already, than to be hanging more stuff where nature ought to be.

      See? I'm not so sunshiny after all - I'm just a total nature freak and animal and wildlife purist ;-)

      Interesting post, though. I learned something today!

    3. Hi Erika - regarding you question on the yarn, the Country is very very soft, is consider a #4 yarn, and drapes ever so nicely. Not very costly as yarns go these days, and has quite a few bright cheerful colors. Hope that answers your questions. Have a good day!


    4. Hello Erika,
      thank you so much for the award, that's very kind of you, thank you so much, I love the idea of a sunshine award! I have a terrible track record of doing my bit when I receive an award, so I'm very sorry if I don't get round to fulfilling my part. Thank you very much for the nice things you've said about me and my blog, I have to admit, it's VERY nice to read things like that about yourself!!!!!!!!!!! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

    5. Thank you so much!!! Your kind words really made my day. I'll post about this award this week.

      I've had some time to look through your blog and your creations are darling!


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