Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny Friday

Howdy Friends! It's Friday and with that the end of another week. YEAH....! 

REMEMBER to wear something RED today to show your support for women's heart disease awareness on National Wear Red Day. Currently I am wearing a red t-shirt and if I should venture out, I will wear a red winter jacket and a red scarf. RED being my favorite color anyway, I don't see any problem on showing it off. I thought I tell you about something funny. At first it wasn't so funny, but now it is even funny to me. Remember a few posts back I told you about my little critter problem? You know....the MICE? I guess living in an old house like this one, one can't get around having them. One could think so, that I have started my own private critter collection and they feel very much at home in my house. Well coming back to the funny part. Yesterday morning I wanted to take a shower and what do I see??? One big fat mouse, yep. What to do? I really wanted that shower, you know. But that mouse was looking at me with it's little bieddy eyes. So what did I do? Nothing, because before I could, it went down the drain of the bathtub and wouldn't come back out. Now what? I had no choice.....I turned on the hot water and thought it would flush down the rest of the drain. I proceeded to take my shower, but the whole time I was in that tub, I looked at that drain. You know why, don't you? I kept on thinking that mouse was going to jump back out and bite me in the butt. Enough to give a girl nightmares. That must have been the fastest shower I ever took. As I told my girlfriend about it, she just kept on laughing and after a while, I couldn't help but laugh with her. So do you all think it's funny too? Yep, I know, I can hear you all giggle. Admit it, I know you are! Well this morning when I went to the bathroom I heard that noise from the tub again.......and yes, this time there were three little critters in it. And this time I got proof. Want to see?

They are quite the climbers, aren't they? Ok, ok.....enough of my little problem. 

A couple of days ago I told you about the potholders my neighbor requested. Well they are now finished. They are just simple, plain and straightforward. Here are the promised pictures of them. They were made from I LOVE THIS YARN cotton and remind me of sunflowers.


Now what you all have planned for the weekend? Watch the SUPERBOWL? I might take a peek here and there, but in general I will most likely catch up on some of my german programs and do some more crocheting. Really need to continue working on my afghans. Otherwise it will most likely be a quiet weekend, with no further plans. For now I hope you all make it a good one and see you again soon.


  1. My weekend will be quiet. finished my hat for Cynthia now starting a scarf to match superbowl for me lol but do hope colts win. as a former Hoosier gotta root for those the pot holders the colors.. think I will make some for Katie she loves sunflowers.. matching plastic baggie holder too. what ya think? Talk at ya later the way hate critters...........

  2. Ah, my weekend will be full of re-decorating but not the fun painting bit as I'm still at the preparation stage. Maybe I can squeeze a bit of creative time in there somewhere. Enjoy your quiet weekend - mouse free:-)


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