Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Question

Hallo Folks......I'm baaaacck! What you think of that?

My four-legged children and I made the move from Alabama to Mississippi successfully. At first we were all a little restless and tired, but we are slowly adjusting and settling in. We all know how it goes after a move. The first few days are the hardest, especially since you can never find anything you are looking for. I tried to be as organized as could be for this move by packing things in grates and labeling them, but I realize there are a lot of things not labeled and hard to find.But we are looking on the bright side.....the move is behind us and better days are ahead.

But we also have quite a bit of work ahead of us. The children and I are moving into a mother-in-laws house on and behind my girlfriends house. It had a lot of damage from a storm and new walls and windows were put in, but it still needs the final finishes, like sanding the drywall, priming and painting the walls. The house also needs new flooring put down and the kitchen cabinets put back up. But ohhh what fun....I get to fix it all the way I want to and like. I have all these wonderful ideas swirling around in my head. In the next few days I will take some before pictures and post them and as I go along I will share the improvements with you all. I am so looking forward to getting started. I have so many ideas flitting around my brain. Don't you all think that it is a wonderful way to let loose of your imagination and your creativeness. Well.....more to come.

Tuesday Question:

I would really be interested how everybody got started with their crafts. Did you learn in a class? Did you learn from family or maybe from a friend? And how long have you all been doing it?

Hoping to hear from you all and we see each other again over the next few days. Hope your day is bright!!


  1. I have been crafting my whole life. Both of my parents are very artistic. I have taken a few classes over the last 10 or so years to learn new skills along the way.

  2. I have always loved crafts but just never was any good at mom has always been creative she could look at something and make it. crochet, knit, doilys, etc... I have always wanted to work with wood love the feel of it as it gets smooth but not up to that.. so I came across the looms in stores one time and finally said what the heck. bouvht the purple long loom.. well suffice it to say it was all chinese to me.LOL.. but I kept at it looked for patterns, found some yahoo groups on looming and read up on it. finally bought me the set of 4 round looms.. and voila my first baby hat was born on the little blue loom.and miracle of all it was started late one afternoon and done the next morning...LOL.. so here I go.. made 3 baby hats so far 2 adult ones, 2 plastic bag holders, almost at the end of a scarf to match one adult hat and have another adult hat started on my new purple round loom... with some lovely deorah norville yarn..varigated...proably wrote it wrong but oh well... and in looming heaven I am.... till next time

  3. I was taught to knit about age 5 by my mum as everyone seemed to knit around me. My dad is a fine artist and introduced me to colour, painting, ceramics and weaving early on too so I decided to do art at college but ended up training to be a textile designer instead as I found I loved working with fabrics, yarns, patterns and construction much more. I still get to paint only with different media.

    Then I went into teaching and enjoyed sharing the love of textiles to others and got paid to play with fabrics and yarn:-)But for me, it's more about experimenting with new ideas, colour and materials as I tend to get bored easily:-) and I enjoy complex patterns - anything with a bit of a challenge!


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