Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Report

Well here we are.....Monday morning again and the end of another weekend. They don't ever seem to last long enough, don't you think? How was yours and what did you all do?

Mine was pretty quiet for the most part. The cold continued throughout the weekend and is supposed to continue for another few days, after which it is supposed to warm up into the 50's with rain. As much as I don't want to see the rain either, the warm-up will be much appreciated, by me and my little critters. We did have a short time yesterday afternoon, when the sun peeked out and we got to go out and play for 45 minutes. The dogs so enjoyed that times, chasing their ball and stuffed animals. They were only to happy to take a nap after.

As I had promised myself, I spend a lot of time in my bed, over and under the covers, catching up on some of my german movies and as I had planned, did some more hooking. I finished a pair of fingerless gloves (Stulpen in German) and a scarve in the same color, which was bright yellow. Yes it was a joy, that beautiful bright yellow color. It cheered me up and made me think of the spring to come, the sunshine and the colorful flowers. Can hardly wait for that.

I had seen these figerless gloves somewhere on the internet, but it had no pattern with it. So I sort of played along and made up my own to fit. It came out pretty good, except I did make them a bit to long and if I make them again have to adjust for that. But they are so nice and warm and was much needed in the last few days. Here a little preview:


Hope you all can see them good enough. Sorry to say the light in my house is still quite awful. But aren't the a wonderful yellow and cheerful? 

Here now is the scarve in the same bright cheerful color:



Well what do you all think? Did they come out alright? I certainly had fun hooking them. The patterns were certainly easy to follow and didn't require constant counting and with that perfect to do while watching a movie.

Before I go today I did want to say CONGRATS to the new addition (little man) at ATTIC24 and to Lucy. I do so enjoy her wonderful blog and the snippets she shares of her life. She has also inspired me to try working with colors more than before. THANKS Lucy and good luck and much joy with your new little addition to the family. May you all be happy, healthy and we are looking forward to sharing your little world for many years to come.

That's it for today friends. Hope you all have a good day and a good start to another week. See you tomorrow.

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