Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remodel Thursday

Yes it is Thursday and Remodel Day. Sorry to say there hasn't been much going on in this department over the last week and that was mostly due to the cold weather. I had wanted to take pictures of the interior over this last week, but whatever I took came out yucky or you couldn't tell what I was trying to show. Not enough sunlight. Will try again over the next few days, as it is warming up and we are supposed to have lots of sunshine (yippie).

In the meantime I have decided what color I want on my kitchen walls. Remember the color of my fingerless gloves a few posts back? Well that is the color I chose for my walls. It is lovely and bright and cheerful, and because of that just what I need. First I have to wash all the walls so and get what grease and grimes has layered there over time. Halfway done with that and the rest should be done within the next few days, as time allows. Looking forward to the painting part. For some reason I always loved to paint, even the smell of the paint hasn't bothered me.

Since I couldn't show you much of anything today, I thought I show you some more of what has been inspiring me of late. Hope you like it.

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