Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Question

Hallo to each and every one of you!

Looks like it is going to be quite a nice day, with temperatures in the 50's and lots of sunshine. For me that means a good start to the day. When the sun is out, I am more motivated to get things done and I have quite a list of things that need getting done. For some reason the little elves don't come to my house to help me out. Wish I knew where they were hiding.

But here to the Tuesday Question:

For the last week we have watched the devastation over in Haiti on TV. So much help is needed and not able to get where it needs to be. So much help will be needed in the future. What I would like to know now is, what do you all do for charity, if anything at all? Do you crochet blankets for the homeless? Or knit chemo hats for people with cancer? How much do you craft in a years time to help others? Will a disaster like this make you want to help more than before? I know, more than one question, but it all fits together. 

My Answer:

Yes I have done both the crocheting blankets and knitted chemo caps for cancer patients. Last year I have done more than in previous years and I plan to do much more this year. I am thinking of keeping a little count of it in my sidebar to see my progress and to keep me encouraged to do more. Yes, a disaster like this makes me want to do more, much more.

Here now also is a prayer for all those poor people in Haiti and for all the other needy people in this world. May God send you a Blessing each and every day.

Ok, that's it from my neck of the woods today. Going off to fill the washing machine and take care of my little critters. Hope your day is filled with Joy!

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